17.14 TURKEY, Ararat, The Thirteen Codes of Mankind

Ton, Judith and Margriet are tuning into creational forces. Margriet brings in the Hathors and Philae in the Nile (Aswan). Ton sees the island of Kalabsha in Lake Nasser, the temple of the dark Isis.

‘You have to search for the hidden temples deep down under the water, because there are the ancient keys to the creation of mankind. It’s from these deep waters of unconsciousness, but also physical waters, that the wisdom of creation is being brought forth: the thirteen codes of mankind, of which a few have been distorted. By going to Ararat and to the Lake of Urartu, you are able to retrace the lost codes of humanity, the lost strands of DNA, that are to be put back into the greater whole of humanity.

Mountain Ararat is the creation point of the white race. Lake Tana in Ethiopia is the birthing place of the black race. Lake Titicaca is of the red, the Indian-American race. Prophecy Rock for the north, and Uluru for the indigenous people. So these are the creation points of the different races, where all the genetic codes were installed and the different races were created. But now we are evolving towards the rainbow race; we are all mingling and so becoming one human race. That is the rainbow prophecy.’


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