17.18 TURKEY, Ararat, Completion

Looking back on the journey to Ararat and what has been achieved.

‘It’s all about completion. Through this journey you have entered the final stage of a very long and difficult process: to enter death and bring new life. This takes great sacrifices of all of you. You had to let go of your innermost precious things, be it people, be it concepts, be it identity of yourself, to really stand naked in front of the sacred mountain. To reveal the light that is hidden there, you had to face the darkness. This is all part of the process that the white people have to go through to purify themselves and to take their proper role in civilisation. To step down from the white supremacy and to make space for all nations to come together.

It is now time that the real rainbow prophecy can be fulfilled through the work you have been doing. It was not easy but you did it, all of you. So the only thing we can tell you is: congratulations with this deep and intense process of purification, of initiation and of completion. Now you can let things develop by themselves for a while. Because this needs time to integrate.

Don’t despair, don’t doubt the process. Everyone had to play their own role and to make their own steps. But all together you made a big change. This was the power of connection and everyone contributed, great and small, to this larger purpose.’

(Ton sees a glowing light above the mountain, like a Christ light.)

‘By restoring the sun disc, the Christ principle, which is a focal point for all the colours of the universe, this sacred mountain can reveal its knowledge again and share it with humankind. It’s like you put a prism on top of the pyramid, and all white light becomes many colours and the many colours become white light. It’s a principle of oneness in diversity which has been restored and which has started while you opened the book of oneness in Damascus with the four men. This was the start of this whole process, in which you all worked together and took your share of pain, of suffering and of sacrifice. Acknowledge yourself. Acknowledge all the people who worked with you. Acknowledge the enormous contribution you made to this historical process of human civilisation.

Even if you can’t see the outcome and the results, you may need a little celebration and congratulation.’


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