17.20 TURKEY, Istanbul, Medusa in Aghia Sophia

Tuning into the energy of Medusa, while visiting the Basilica Cisterna in Istanbul, which shows two Medusa heads.

‘I am ignored by Western society, me, the snake goddess. The one who holds the power to destroy and to create. Because we were the ones who kept balance in the world, so the ego wouldn’t run wild with fantasies and soulless creations. But we were trampled upon and forgotten a long time ago. Our head was cut off and we were abused by a male society.

We invite you to bring us back home, home into the daylight, into the temple of the goddess. So look through your heart, look at what you see. With love and not with fear, because it is in this depth that the goddess can manifest again; by acting and speaking and walking from the heart. That’s where the seat of wisdom is, the Aghia Sophia.

Open up the gate, open up the gate of this old goddess temple, residing in the ground underneath the Sophia. By paying respect to her, by honouring the goddess and by honouring your body and your sexuality. Because it is through the physical manifestation that the goddess manifests in you. When you become the vessel, the grail, the energy of love can flow through you and express itself into the world.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, because in vulnerability lies your power and your brilliance. Go forth and trust that I will lead you, even if things look dark and gloomy and disaster is happening. It is in my hands that you will be raised from the dark corners of your mind towards the brilliance of the heart. End of message.’


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