17.22 TURKEY, Istanbul, The Snake Goddess

Tuning into our coming journey to Iran, which starts in Istanbul, Turkey, where we want to see the heads of Medusa, the woman with snake hair, the snake goddess.

‘Follow the path of the snake, symbol of wisdom and symbol of eternal return. It is the ouroboros, the snake that bites itself in the tail. It is this eternal cycle of time and renewal that you will explore with the group, because a new time is at hand and you are the guardians, the gatekeepers of the opening of the door of time. For this you need to go into yourself and tune into your soul awareness. So you can be in the world in Iran, but at the same time you connect all the time with the stellar dimensions of Sirius and of other planets, which you could also call inner dimensions.

The snake goddess contains the old wisdom of life and death, of birth and rebirth. It is this powerful energy that has been suppressed by the masculine religions for so long, which has caused outrage and frustration, especially for women who feel this ancient power. So it is the release of the snake power that will be felt in the group. And people at home can tune into this same snake power of regeneration, rejuvenation.

When people will tune in and travel with you in spirit, they can also experience this great power of transformation, of shedding their skin of an old consciousness and move on to the next level: the sixth level of consciousness. It is a level of awareness, outside time and space. You are a fully activated channel between the higher dimensions and the earthly dimensions. So all who are joining on this journey, be aware that you will become this full embodied medium to channel the higher energies down into the human civilization, so change can happen.

Open yourself up, trust the process and connect in all the little details with each other. Know that everything is just a mirror for your own consciousness, a reflection of your own path. When you realize this, every day, every moment, every situation or every encounter with other people will become part of your enlightenment. It will become part of your experience of opening up to the divine, the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Have a safe journey.’


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