17.24 TURKEY, Ararat, Sun Discs and DNA

‘The sun discs of the Motherland of Mu connect all the DNA of the different people spread over the world. It contains codes of the genetic material of all the different DNA strands. It is important that these codes are brought to the surface and brought together, like the weaving of a tapestry. So the original blueprint of mankind can be released into the collective consciousness.

One of the major collections of these DNA strands is stored in Ararat, both in the mountain and in the lake. It is here as well as in Ethiopia that human beings have been created from the base material. This may all sound very scientific, or science fiction, but if you listen beyond the words you will understand that it’s about your origin, and that by travelling to these places you will get in touch with the roots of human existence. It is the cradle of humanity, and it is the energy of the Great Mother – the feminine, the divine feminine, Mother Earth – that holds the keys to these secrets. It is only by bowing down, by humility and cautiousness, that you can enter the sacred temples in which these energetic forms are being kept.

So hold the space and don’t be afraid if you travel to these places to unlock these secrets, these secret temples. So the energies of mankind can connect with each other. Which is so necessary in the coming times, in which all people will start to understand they are coming from the same family, from the same race, from the same religion; which means ‘to connect’, religare.

Island of Bolzen, Island of Wright, Island of Van, Island of Tana, Island of Titicaca, Island of Bali, and several others are all storage rooms for this Great Mother secret. Connect the islands, connect the water, which is like the water of the womb, the birthing waters. Because the birth is at hand.’


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