22.13 SPAIN, Madrid, Montezuma’s Confession

Ton: I just felt a lot of sadness and when I tuned in, I saw a crystal skull in a museum of Madrid, a bit forgotten and exposed, but not being able to show its real power. He will speak now:

‘I am Montezuma, king, priest king of the Incas. I could see very far ahead in time and I knew the white people were coming to conquer our land and destroy our culture. It brought me a lot of sadness and sorrow to know that this would happen. There was one man (Cortes) who was leading their armees and in the end defeated me. And that is the person who has now been incarnated as the president of the United States, Mr. Trump.

We are equals, we are ennemies, we are locked in this chain of events in which he represents darkness, corruption, material desire, greed. I represent spiritual knowledge, but also arrogance, doubledge. So we were both two sides of one coin, both impure and that is how I got locked up.

I could not get in touch with my more human side. I was powerful beyond anything, but not very humble. Maybe this is my curse and my pain to have been locked up in a glass cage so I could not use my powers anymore. So it took me to be more humble and in service of humankind and to surrender my spiritual powers to all people, instead of some spiritual gods and goddesses that we honoured. We sacrificed children and men and women for this divinity as a sacrificial offer to the gods. Now I see it was wrong to do that and I want to serve my people again. I want to release the energies that are stored inside of me, so they can be used by everyone. So greed and injustice can be overcome, can be conquered. Because there is an evil in the world that is ruining the great planet we are living on.

In a way we need to meet each other and during the solar eclips on the 13th of July, if my light can shine and meet his, both can be illuminated, brought back to an equation. When this equation is solved, light and dark come together and they wil transform to something else, because he is part of me. We are two parts of the same coin and we need to be fused so we can serve humankind instead of suppressing it.

And so my Queen can be released as well. Because I had disdain for the feminine, I put her down and in the end I killed her, which has been my greatest sorrow, because she was my queen, my example, the better part of me, which I could not see because of my hunger for power, for spiritual power. I sacrificed her as I sacrificed many people and her pain is much greater than mine.’

(Ton: I hear the name of Hillary Clinton in this life. It all feels a bit strange.)

‘May justice be, may justice rule and may I surrender my spiritual light to the wellbeing of all people.’

*Montezuma was ruler of the Aztex Empire in 1502. He ruled nearly 20 million people. Before the Spaniards arrived he was know for his bravery and great wealth. Also under his reign they practiced human sacrifice.


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