22.24 SPAIN, Malaga, Don’t Be Fooled

‘Don’t be fooled, my children, this is Judith speaking. I am with you on this journey, which is crazy and fantastic at the same time, but don’t be fooled. There is darkness and there are forces of evil that are trying to smother all the energies of light and the light warriors. So you need to be very alert and careful about what you’re doing.

So call upon the light warriors and your friends to help you in this last process, this last part of process from Madrid to here, to Malaga. Which starts with the word ‘Mal’ as the dark force. There has been a lot of darkness in the city, past history of corruption and ego looking for money. Money was ruling and the church was ruling, and so you are here to bring a new wind, a new freshness into this source of Malchoud, the depth of the Great Mother. But she has been distorted, she has been abused and the sacredness of the Mother has been forgotten. Bring her back to the light, bring her back from the depth of the earth, to the light, so the connection between the land and the sea can happen again. So the connection between Europe and Africa can happen again.

Bring in the Grandmothers, the Grandmothers of Africa, the Grandmothers of South America, the Grandmothers of North America, the shamans of truth and love, bring them here. And don’t worry, you don’t have to fight the darkness, you just have to bring the light in. That is why I’m here with you, to connect, so you can do your work and feel safe.

Stay two nights so you have enough time to do this work of transformation. It’s the last move on the chessboard. It’s about the king and the queen. It’s about the queen, la Reina. When the dark queen transforms into the light queen, the king can return. Which symbolizes love and compassion and truth. In co-creation with the divine feminine.

Follow the trail, follow the signs, call upon the Grandmothers, the Grandmothers of Africa. Namaste.’


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