22.05 SPAIN, Malaga, The Indian Tribes

Tuning into the last day of MMF1 in Sevilla, with Christiaan and Tineke.

‘Aloha. We are from the indian tribes of all nations, and we greet you with sincere greetings and reference, because we have been working with you all this time, balancing that which has been out of balance. The conquest of Spain has ruined much of our culture and yet this had to happen. It brought a new phase of evolution to the Great Mother, we can see that now and we are willing to work with you, with the white people, because we all are in this same process of change. Long have we been victims, but not anymore. We would like to put out / reach out our hands and shake your hand. You from the christian world, you from the white race. We from the dark race, from the ancients. We like to share our treasures and history with you. So you can do your work, as we can do ours. Cause it is in cooperation that we will survive. So feel our blessings and our hopes and dreams, connecting to you.’

(Ton: Ik voel een diepe emotie, want ik krijg een soort geschenk, vanuit Paaseiland. Er komt een vrouw naar me toe met een voorwerp, met iets heel heiligs. Ik kan niet de vorm zien, ik voel alleen de energie ervan. En ik hoor een andere taal, een soort gezang.)

‘All is well. You’ve reached the level in which our communication is completely free and open and we honour your work and those of you who work with you. Give them our greetings and our thanks. The process we are all involved in at the moment is for the survival of the human species and of the changes of our Great Mother. She needs our utmost help and work, because we are part of her, we are her children and we have the responsibility to be her guides, her co-workers, het leaders and her servants, so the grid of energy around the world can be restored and all the sacred places can be initiated. So the earth can become a sacred place again. As we have known it for eons, as we have been told/taught by our grandfathers and grandmothers to honour Mother Earth through our sacred ceremonies. So we invite you as well to do your sacred ceremonies at your sacred places. So we can connect to each other through the soul network, the soul energy. The door is open.

This is what you did through your work in Seville and in these Spanish cities, is to open a communication to us. You have found our tehephone line. So we thank you for that. Now we can have a clear communication and a clear channel. Just call on us if you need help, so we can provide you with the necessary information and the necessary tools to do what you need to do. Just ask for our help and we will be there. If you ever want to come to our nations, you are very welcome. We will open our hearts and our homes for you. The time of battles and fights and conquering is over. We have done our share in serving and sacrifice, but is has been a joyful sacrifice, because we know now that it has a purpose. It has a purpose for our children and our children’s children. They will benefit from that which we have achieved in our lives. We wish you the same and we say a heartfelt thank you and hello, aloha.’

(29/07/2016, Malaga Airport)

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