22.26 SPAIN, Sevilla, The Return of the White Bull

Tuning into the next MM Festival and Sevilla. With Anne, and Christiaan and Tineke at a distance. We see the image of a wounded bull and his testicles, the wounded masculine.

‘The bull is this ancient metaphor for masculinity and fertility, connected to the earth, connected to this deep power. This power has been conquered and wounded and pushed down, so mankind, especially men have been fighting their own power, symbolised in the bull fight. Before it was a fight, it was more of an honouring of the bull, it was calling the God of the Bull to appear in the arena, to bring fertility and new life. It was a dance that was performed between young men and the bull. The dance of life and death, but also of sacrifice.

This time is about the coming of the White Bull. It’s the prophecy of the White Bull appearing. Which means the coming of a new masculinity, the Christ Consciousness or the Buddha Maitreya. But it is in Spain that this change or transformation is played out in the arena, in the circus, in this round circle, in the pit, where both opposites will come together. This time not to fight but to bring to life this old bull energy.

So it’s you who are preparing the arena. It’s you who are preparing the show which will be in plain sight for everybody to see. You are preparing the ground.

I now see all American indian sjamans with us in this arena of life. They are bringing their offerings. I suddenly see the kiva, which is a hole in the ground as well (the kiva gathering will take place in Holland about a month after our conference). They have been performing these kiva rituals for thousands of years, to bring honour to the divine godds and goddesses, to the elements. So this way humankind can again connect with this divine principle of co-creation, to heal the wounds of the masculine and the feminine.

Mary Magdalene is also Malaka, the dark Queen, the dark goddess of Africa. It is your preparation to go down into the dark continent, because from here the new nourishment and healing will come, a new connection to Mother Earth and the Inner Earth*.

So open the arena. Prepare for the theatre. Prepare for the show to take place, also on the square of Alhama de Granada. Use costumes and feathers and masks and everything theatrical or dramatic to make the show as alive and generous as possible. Call upon the God of Abundance to assist you and to hold you in this play. It’s the play of life and death. Namaste.’


* Referring to our journeys to Egypt (Nov-Dec 2019) and Ethiopia (Jan 2020), see

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