22.28 SPAIN, Cadiz, The Caleidoscope of Energies in Cadiz

Tuning into Cadiz, sitting at a table in the park next to local women, Carmen and Maria. We arrived yesterday en will go on to Alhama de Granada, later that day.

‘There is an ocean of tears and suffering from many, many generations and it is so vast that it cannot be felt. It is put into a dungeon to contain it. It’s the suffering of the African people, the suffering of the South American, the Indian people, indigenous tribes. It is a suffering of the Jewish people, it is a suffering of the Arab people, it is a suffering of the Christian people and it is a suffering of the Spanish people. And it is a suffering of the women, of the mystics, of the heretics, of the gypsies.

This island is a focul point where so many energies come together. It’s like a caleidoscope where there is light, intense light and intense darkness, intense suffering and intense economic growth. Intense density and intense opening towards a new world. So it’s really a pinpoint of transformation.

When you open up the energy here, you open up a vast amount of freedom, of liberation, because there is so much stored here in one point. When it will transform, it can really unleash the energy of the likes of an atomic bomb, of a nuclear chain reaction. The way to do it is very slowly, step by step. Very condensed, very careful so you don’t overreach. It cannot be done through anger or haste. Take it very dilligently and carefully so it unfolds like a flower, because all the parts need to be acknowledged and need to be part of the transformation. Nothing needs to be excluded from it, because then that part will take on all the darkness. All the parts, like in a rainbow, need to be acknowledged and be seen and be heard. It’s really a very strong energetic point. If you put a needle in it, it will open up many places and many collective fields, which will be brought to the surface, so they can be felt and be heard and be acknowledged.

Take your time. This was just opening the lid and exploring the collective consciousness here, but know that there is an ocean beneath, which is ready to erupt. The opening can be done in a destructive way or in a constructive way when you, as a group, are making a healing field around it, like the doulas that guide a birth. You as a whole group for this week will be able to hold this baby, so it comes out in a natural way, in a smooth way without too much pain or stress.’

Do we have to know where the needle point is exactly?

Ton: I see the tower I stood on this morning. That tower really is the middle point of the island. It connects the higher energies, the air, with the earth, but in fact the whole island is a needle point.

‘It takes time to explore it and to go round it as in a labyrinth so you touch all different aspects of it. When you’ve done that, it will slowly open up its secrets which are underneath. But you have to go through different layers of consciousness and of time and of history to come to this deepest point of freedom, of liberation. Take the whole week and take the whole group to explore this field, so it will open up, because there is an ocean to open. Plus ultra, to go beyond.’

Shall we come back to this place after the week?

‘Bring the group. Bring the group to hold this whole. Take this journey moment by moment and then you’ll see what the next step is. But you can only do what is necessary to be done now in this healing process. Then you will see the results afterwards.’


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