24.02 IRAN, Teheran, Angelic Realms

‘Welcome to the angelic realms of light. This is an ancient place of treasure, hidden in the etheric world, lost to the eye and to the soul of this country. Deep within the hearts of the people it is still there. There is this small thread of connection to the lost heritage of this great download of civilisation in ancient times.

Look for the hidden treasure, which is beyond the physical. By remembering your origin, where you are coming from, which is stored in the memory of your cells, bones and blood. You will recognize the angelic blueprint within you and within this world around you. Know that everything was originally built for light and sound and for these two energies the garden was created: the garden of earthly delight, a material garden in a threedimensional set. The codes of creation are still here to be found. The mountain of light and the sea of light (two gemstones) contain some of these codes of perfection, of the connection of this angelic realm.

By listening to these words you have entrance to this other dimension. Look beyond and look within. Follow clues. Follow your inner nature and intuition so you can read the signs. Follow the path of the heart that leads to this inner treasure.

Welcome again to the angelic realm of the gods and the goddesses.’


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