24.03 IRAN, Teheran, Damavand Arkenstone

‘The Arkenstone is the great jewel, hidden in the mountain of Damavand. We called it this name, but you could give it other names. It’s an angelic tool of power that has been kept hidden for eons. It has the power to enlighten and heal the world, because it has such a concentrated light in it. But it is dangerous to use if you are not ready for the light. Because the light can also hurt or burn you if you are not able to withstand it. It asks complete surrender to the divine.

It is the power of the angels. At present there is an awakening of angels, rising from the depths, where they were asleep for a long time. Now they’re able to go into the world, to help the people in their awakening, to remember who they are, children of God, children of the Great Mother. It’s you who turn the key to open the jewelry room, to unleash this power, which has a great effect on all countries of the world.

In the west you call it the grailstone. You’ll carry this energy with you, while travelling. Like the six of you are the vessel to hold this power, to hold this light. Each one taking its own position, doing its own inner work to be of service to the divine. Grounding that angelic energy into the Earth to bring it back into the world, into the seat, throne of this kingdom, which is in Esfahan. Bring it to the centre. The centre of Abbas. From there, in its proper place, it will have its healing function.

We are with you on this quest. So don’t be shy to ask for help or feedback or guidance, because we know there is a great responsibility on your shoulders. We are here to lighten you up and take away the burden, so you carry it lightly. Both physically and spiritually.’


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