25.01 UK, Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle

Tuning into Edinburgh Castle on Castle Rock, and the War Memorial.

‘Once a place of coronation dedicated to Saint Mary, because it was I – the Lady – who was crowning the kings in ancient times, this place was known as the eye of the dragon. And the kings were thus the dragon kings, connected to the power of the land, connected to the power of nature and of the stars. To align themselves on this place of coronation, to the earth and to the heavens, they made an oath to serve the higher good. Later this place was canonized and this oath became an oath towards the Bible and the Church, and thus it shrank. And now in the end it’s a place to venerate the dead, and the power of crowning has been long forgotten. Because the king gave his life in service of the country, of the people, of the nation. He served life with his life. This has all been changed and replaced by service to death and remembrance of the past.

We ask you to remember the divine feminine. You can call her Tara or Mary or Mary Magdalene, who served the divine feminine and thus helped men to come into their greater soul purpose. By the five of you bringing back this crowning moment, this energy holding the crown, the five of you, you honour again, you set the stage for a true coronation in which humankind and the divine work together – and masculine and feminine work together to serve mankind.’

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