25.06 UK, London, Princess Diana and the Prophecy of Gold

Ton hears the voice of Lady Di. With Agnes, and her friend Keith in spirit.

‘It is about the legacy of the divine feminine. It is me, Diana of Wales, that has initiated this source of ancient wisdom into the modern world, and as always the feminine has been challenged, forgotten or put down, so forces of power and darkness could rule the world. It is in this hour of darkness, the hour of the downfall of the British Empire through the Brexit, that the divine feminine is again coming to the surface, through the royal line, through my children and their spouses.

Keith was a guardian of my family heritage and of this divine feminine, working silently, diligently, in devotion to this secret esoteric knowledge. It is through this fund that you (Agnes) are creating that his heritage can reach a larger public, because these images contain certain codes of gold that are speaking to the unconscious mind of people, awakening the feminine.

Bring back the gold, because it is in this golden power that a new generation can be born and take the lead, so that the old remnants of the Empire can be laid to rest. Let the dead burry the dead, but let the new life bloom and inspire those who will be leaders of the future. As I have tried to inspire those young people to take a different road and be in service, in her Majesty’s secret service.

This was Keith and you, my Lady, you are remembered and honoured for the work you do and we from the Order of the Rose, we see you and we honour you and we hold you in our hearts, so the Queen of hearts can return and the King of hearts can take his place in the new Empire, which is built on love and freedom.’

Ton: I see the paintings exposed, somewhere in England, I see a light space with a lot of golden light.

‘For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, they know what this path is all about and that it goes on through the ages, through the decennia, through the years – to rise to the surface, again and again and again, till the prophesy of gold has been fulfilled.’


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