25.03 UK, Roslynn, Scotland Blessings

Tuning into the energy of Scotia.

‘My children, my children, there is so much thankfulness for you being here, for honouring the old traditions of wisdom, the old lineage of royalty and the old knowledge of the divine feminine which was brought here a long time ago, as seeds for a Western civilization. But as time went by, things went wrong and the noble line got distorted and diminished, which has caused a lot of pain, both for men as well as for women.

So we welcome you here in this country and in this culture, this ancient culture which goes back such a long time. We would like to hand you the keys, the keys to the sacred places, so you will download the information which is needed for the return of the king and the queen. But you have to do the male part, to restore the masculine, to honour that which has gone astray and got wounded in its core, in its essence.

So enjoy this culture, because through the joy of food and music and drinks and nature, you will understand the Scottish nature, which is about enjoying life to the fullest. Many blessings on the road to all of you.’


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