25.34 UK, Schiehallion, The Choice

Tuning into our work in Scotland in November 2021, with Anne.

‘Is it all about November 11th? No, but you are close. It’s the 12th of November. That is the point you are working towards. But basically it starts already… It’s a whole process, starting on May 11th on the new moon, and then there are stepping stones of ceremonies on the new moon. So the 4th of November is a new moon, which is important, to give the very depth to the Climate Conferende and to humanity. You have to see it in a broader perspective. It is about ceremonies to unite people, to come together, and the new moon is a very powerful moment for that. To bring them together in a united energy. In an aligned energy.

The 12th of November is a specific planetary constellation, and also the end of the climate conference in which they will come with their statement towards the world. In a way you are giving another statement. You are preparing your focussing on a statement which is broader. Which is what you are now describing. It’s a statement about nature, about a choice for humanity. The word choice is very important. It is a very conscious choice. What is the choice? Hashtag #thechoice. And you have a choice, but you have to be willing to face the choice and to make the choice. Because if you don’t do it, it will go into the natural direction it is taking at the moment, which is a disaster. So it needs a very conscious decision. And a preparation for people, to make people aware of the choice they are making. So that is basically what the 12th of November is all about: a chonscious choice of humanity. Which direction are we going to take and which world are we wanting to live in? So that’s what you need to focus on, to make people aware of this choice and to help them in this process.

It is just like election time, you need to do everything to get people on your side. Because it is a battle, it is a battle of two opposing forces and you need to be aware of that. That it is not an inclusive thing, it is very exclusive position. That’s why it is a choice between either this or that. It is not and-and in this case. It is either a choice for inclusion, for connection, for democracy, for human nature, for intuition, for spirituality, higher awareness where you include all nationalities, all diversity – or it’s a choice for separation, for war, for conflict, fo technology to take over and to take control of humanity. There is no in between. Technology can serve, bu when it becomes a master, it’s a terrible master.

So are people aware of the fact that they create a new master? A new God? That they will have to serve, for eternity…?’

(Amsterdam, 29/04/2021)

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