25.16 UK, Iona, Isle of Light

Tuning into Iona and the journey that is about to begin. With Agnes.

‘Iona, isle of light. Isle of glass. Isle of crystal. You could say the whole island works as a pinnacle, a spot of acupuncture on the earth, and it holds the light of transmutation. It is this Christ energy, which creates a very clear gateway between heaven and earth. In this respect it resembles Schiehallion.

There’s another gate in Edinburgh. It is here that they brought the tablets, to store them in a safe place for new times to come. When Christ and Mary Magdalene were no longer welcome or no longer invited into the holy land, they spread it all over the Mediterranean and even further than that. One of the places where they went is Iona, to store their energy, which was connected to the Essenes. They brought the tablets of information from Qumran to Iona, to keep them safe there.

Now these tablets are metaphysical. They hold the energy. Like Mary Magdalene brought some energy to the south of France, where she stored a part of it. From here and from Rennes-le-Chateau the whole story of the Magdalene came to the surface. But from Iona, the resurrection, the awakening of the Christ energy will be activated in its fullest form. Opening up the higher dimensions of Sirius and Alpha Centauri, to connect again, to bring it back to the holy land. Like it was once brought from the holy land, far away into Scotland, now this energy will return home, to the golden city of Jerusalem. To activate the golden Jerusalem, to activate the golden gate.

So it’s its white light of transmutation that will ignite the opening of the golden gate and golden Jerusalem, with the twelve gates. Welcoming the thirteenth, the Christ, the Buddha, the Quetzalcoatl, the Buddha Maitreya. Uniting all the different aspects of religion, the twelve tribes, the twelve apostles, the twelve aspects of human being, of DNA. So everything can be united and connected into the central point, into the middle. Which is down below the Dome of the Rock. Unfolding the mystery of the future of human beings.

Because you are in a stage of transformation, from a being of duality to a being of oneness. So humankind is still in an evolutionary process to become its full potential, to become the Christ. It’s the whole process from Adam and Eve to Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. It’s a symbolic transformation from primeval masculine and feminine to a divine masculine and a divine feminine, which remembers its origin and remembers its soul mission on this planet: to make a paradise on earth, to create a haven for an experience of life and compassion. A place to restore and heal and transform all energies into pure light and love.’


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