25.07 UK, Braemar, King of the Picts 1

Agnes has been to Scotland and is connected to the history of the Picts. I hear the message of the King of the Picts, ‘the King of the North’.

‘We are waiting. We have been waiting for eons, hidden behind our wall, hidden in history, till this moment that our power is needed. Because we were spiritual warriors that brought in the sacred wisdom of the whales, and of the mammals of the north, of the ice, the polar bears. We were in contact with the northern hemisphere, with the seas, but mainly with the spirit animals. Our warfare was based on a devotion to the sacred realm beyond ice and water.

I say ‘warfare’ and in our time there were a lot of wars, as in your time – but our spiritual tradition was based on balance and peace between all the elements. As you know, it’s not always simple to stay peaceful and to stay balanced, because sometimes a war is needed. Not to fight with weapons, but to fight with your spirit, to stand strong. To defend what is sacred and vulnerable. To hold a flag for the feminine, for the goddess. To defend nature.

So this is our call, and it’s you, Lady, who has called for our return to the land of the living. We are awaiting your command. Because England is in need of the sacred, to connect the red rose and the white rose. But we bring the black rose; we bring darkness and death. Not as a destructive power, but as a healing power. It is similar to the energy of the Dark Madonna from the South. We bring the Dark Goddess of the North. Through death and letting go, a new energy can arise, which is fertile and beautiful and wise.’


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