25.17 UK, Findhorn, The Alchemical Process

Tuning into our trip to Scotland and our gathering in Findhorn. With Christine.

‘The grail and the sword. The feminine and the masculine. Glastonbury and Findhorn or Scotland. It’s these two elements that need to be connected. The south and the north. It is an alchemical process in which you bring together the four elements. Because the element earth comes from Ireland and the element fire comes from Israel. The sword is the element of air, from Scotland, and the grail from Glastonbury is the element of water. These four will unite and bring forth the element of change, which is love.

It is from the ancient Order of Druids that we bring you this sword of knowledge. The sword of truth and the sword of wisdom, which has been kept hidden in the northern mountain, Schiehallion. It has been a long fight to find this sword. But it’s only in the hour of need, in the hour of chaos and destruction, that this mythological sword can be brought back to the surface. To be in service of the whole country and of all of Europe. Because what happens in the UK will define the history of Europe, and in a way define the history of the world. This greatest empire, which is politically crumbling at the moment, will also sow the seeds for the new empire, an empire of consciousness. But for that, first something needs to die. The ego needs to die. So the phoenix of the higher self can be reborn.

When you come together in Findhorn, in this centre of evolution and awareness, you will enter a collective field of mythological reality, and follow the story of the phoenix that rises from the ashes. Dying to be reborn. And thus you will spark the light, you will give the spark for this new movement in England, in the UK. Just as the coming together in Glastonbury, in the end of May, will give the spark for that grail energy. So it’s very much connected: the meeting in Glastonbury on the 24th of May and the meeting in Findhorn on the 24th of June. It is all connected. This is a lemniscate between this two moments and between these two places.

We will give you further instructions along the way, but at this moment we just like to touch upon the point in the middle, between these two places, which is the city of York. There is an important key point to turn, because it connects both Glastonbury and Findhorn, Scotland, in the middle. It’s like the keyhole to this whole alchemical process.’

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