25.31 UK, Findhorn, The Stone People

Sitting at the end of the Findhorn river, where it streams into the sea. There is a lot of wind. Tuning into the energies, with Christine.

‘We are the stone people, we are the mountains, the pebbles, the rocks. We are from a very ancient time, before human beings came into this planet, before the animals, before even the plants. We carry this ancient wisdom of how we were born into existence, from molten lava we crystalized into stones and matter. We are the bones of the earth, we are that what is most manifest, strong. But deep inside us is still the memory of the fire, of the volcanos, of molten lava, that came to the surface of this earth, to become the ground, to become the matter you walk upon.

You however are the last in line. You are a very very far descendant. You are so much more refined, but still you carry a part of us. We are inside you, we are part of you. We rumble, we move, and it is in this latest hour that we speak to you. Remember the fire, the heart of this planet, it can create and it can destroy. Connect to the fire, connect to the source of Mother Earth.’

Ton: Het is net alsof ik de hele evolutie voor me zie, vanaf het vuur, de stenen, de planten, de dieren, de mens. Ik kan alleen niet zien waar het naartoe gaat of wat de bedoeling daarvan is. Misschien alleen maar om dat te voelen, dat het begonnen is vanuit die aardekern, dat magma.

Ton: It is as if I see the whole evolution in front of me, starting from the fire, the stones, the plants, the animals, the humans. I cannot see where it is heading to or why I am seeing this. Maybe just to feel this, to remember it all started from the center of the earth, the magma.

Christine: And to realise this is our core.

Ton: And that we are part of it.

Christine: We no longer see ourselves as being part of the earth, we do not see the earth as s conscious being.

Ton: We think we exist separate from her. That we are just walking upon the earth, but that in fact it has nothing to do with who we are. But it’s like the rocks are saying: we are a further evolution of the lava, and you are a further evolution of us.

‘Remember where you come from. Remember the earth. Remember your Mother. Remember your Fathers. Remember the Grandfathers. We will be with you in this week, we will protect you and guide you, with everything that we have gathered through the millions of years. And we will be there during the ceremony, as you have called us. Aho.’


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