25.18 UK, Findhorn, Albion, The White Island

In Findhorn, with Annie, who’s womb is aching. We went through a very intense process this morning.

‘Albion, the White Island, which is now called Scotland, is a place of creation. It’s the womb in which these tribes were born, the northern tribes. They are all the children of the Great Mother of Scotia. But the children have forgotten their mother, they have forgotten their ancestry, their lineage of the ancients, the elders. That’s when they started fighting each other, killing each other to rule the throne, to become the conquerer of all the others. It sheds so much pain and it created so much suffering between all these different tribes of men and women. But mostly the women were the victims of this game of thrones. Because they carried the sons in their bellies and they carried the blood of their sons that was shed on the battle field of war.

So when you go back to the river, to the end of the river Findhorn, the Findhorn Bay, she is like a womb as well. She is birthing into the ocean, into the Northern Sea. When you do this ritual, of opening up the womb so life can flow through again, the water of life is coming from the highlands to the river.

Remember the ancients, remember the ancestors, remember where you were coming from. Remember the first father and first mother who came to this country, because they carried the wisdom of the gods, to bring diversity. If there’s one message for your world leaders, it is this one: or you go down fighting each other, or you will survive holding and embracing each other as one family, as one human race, as one humanity.

Take a leap of faith.’

Annie: When I feel into the pain of my womb it’s like a deep sadness of missing the men. You are so off into your own world of war and fighting, that you forget we miss you so much. Maybe it’s the missing of the mother, but it feels like missing the men. I miss you. We miss you. And it’s very dry without you. We can’t really be women, if you are not really men. We need each other. We are both pushed into a polarity in which it is dry. I feel the grief in the womb of that. Longing for the heart, sensuality, the play… It’s returning to something, to the original connection, to the field of love. It calmes my womb when I say these words.

Ton: We’re coming back to this creative dance between men and women.

Annie: It is a dance of wholeness. As if we got distracted by something outside of us, besides us.

Ton: We got caught in a web of war and fighting, conquering, economy, politics…

Annie: Is there something to fight anyway? We are caught in a web of fear, wanting to conquer. It’s out of the paradise frequencies. We lost the men and I am still in deep grief of losing them to that thing. And it’s not only the men, we got caught in it too.


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