25.20 UK, Fortingall, The Throne of the Heart

Tuning into the old place of Fortingall, with Christine, Johan and Lisa.

‘In the ancient of days we gathered here to pray to the Sun God and the Sun Goddess. It was a gathering place for all the tribes of these isles. We were coming from many directions, because we wanted to be close to the sacred mountain. There was a community who kept this sacred place available for everyone in this greater circle, but basically it was in service of this whole nation. We celebrated the light at the Mid Winter and the Mid Summer Solstice. We were very much in tune with the elements, with the weather, with the stars.

But then at some time in history fights started to happen between the tribes and the clans and we lost that sacred connection. A time of doom and shadow came over this land and we lost the origin of where we came from. It is shrouded in history and legends and mythology, but you in this time have no direct communication, no connection anymore with your roots. Which is a loss, because that disconnects you from your divine source.

You are much more connected to this plave than you think you are. You are the guardians of this world, of this planet. You are the co-creators. You are the children of the Sun God and the Sun Goddess, and with this inner light, this inner sun, Aton, you create the world anew, you dream it into being. And by calling forth this light from your heart, you will connect again with the elements, and with the planets, and with the origin that you call The Garden.

This was also a place to connect to the stars, to Orion and Sirius and many other star constellations. At specific times during the year you would tune into these different places in the universe, because you were still connected to where you came from. This planet is not the only place of civilisation. You lost contact. But you’re still part of a greater family of soul beings.

I am the Mother. I am connected to the heart of the Earth. I am the priestess of this place. I live inside the tree. I am part of the roots and you are part of my children. Remember who you are. Remember the greater force that is inside of you. And remember the treasures inside the mountain and the dragon forces that guard this treasure. The sword and the crown and the grail and the pentacle. These are all symbolic forms, but they represent something real that can bring healing to your land and to your people.

I am with you. Many blessings. And many thanks for the work you have done in these last couple of days to unite humanity and all the different kingdoms. So the true king and the true queen can return to the throne of the heart.’


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