25.25 UK, Glastonbury, Merlin, Diana and The New King

Tuning into what is happening in England. Connecting to Diana, Merlin, the king of the Picts, Keith and the other world, and the whales. With Agnes in the Whale House.

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are all here for this glorious and happy gathering of light workers in the flesh and in spirit. We are working from another realm, another dimension beyond the three dimensional reality that you are living in. Beyond the veil. Beyond the mists of Avalon. We take on different forms, different archetypes in the world.

So there is the archetype of the magician, which is Merlin, but it’s also Gandalf, it’s also Harry Potter, it’s all the people who bring the magic into the world. Because they are connected to these other realms, with the other world, which is so strong in the UK, the United Kingdom, because that kingdom unites both the unseen and the seen world. But they have forgotten that sacred connection between the worlds. It is this connection that is so needed in this time, that people realize that the outer reality is just one part of a complex of dimensions. Because they don’t realize that anymore, they forgot the connection with nature, with the elves and dwarfs, with the devas of nature, with the water and with the trees. It is through movies and stories like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones or the stories of Harry Potter that people are reminded on a deeper level of their spiritual connection to the other world. So this is the task of Merlin, to bring this sacred connection.

Now there’s a second voice, the voice of the queen of hearts, which is Diana:

I have the same connection with nature, but I represent the divine feminine, which has been ignored and forgotten in the British Empire, which was ruled by greed and conquering and masculine values. During this whole process of Brexit, the arrogance and hubris of masculinity has been brought to the light. Not to judge it or punish it, but to become aware of it, that this masculinity that is not fully mature, fully grown-up, has been taken too much power and became too arrogant in its leadership. It has to be brought down, so the way can be freed for the return of the feminine.

In my life I could not do that, I was stopped in my movement to become this queen of hearts. I could only give my life for it and bring it to my sons, who are in strong connection with their wives, to this sacred feminine. They are able, their generation is able to bring this connection with the feminine into the world. So a new royalty is coming to the surface, in which masculine and feminine are equally strong, equally powerful, have equal rights.

You could say that with the coming of this sacred marriage between the masculine and the feminine there will be order in the kingdom, there will be a new union in the kingdom. Between the unseen and the seen world, between the masculine and the feminine, and between all the different nations that are connected to the UK, The United Kingdom: the black people, the yellow people, the red people, the brown people, the muslim, the jewish, the christian people, the Pictish people… we are all connected in one humankind, one human race. So when the queen and the king are back on the throne in their right equilibrium, then all the nations will have their place and have their value and will be recognized for the things they bring in.

This is so needed in the time to come, that all the different people will be heard, will be seen, will be valued. Not only the white people, or only the male people. There needs to be an acknowledgement of the diversity of the human race. So in the end you will reach oneness.

Because that’s the final answer to all your questions, there is a oneness behind everything.

You are connected with everything on earth, even if you think you’re only an individual with your special mission, your special qualities or character, but in the diversity of who you are and the uniqueness of who you are, you are connected with the whole cosmos, with the whole universe. This new principle will be the standard for the Aquarian Time to come. Now this won’t be easy at all, because you have leftover karma from all the eons in which you have not acknowledged that oneness, and became separated from each other. In that separation you started to fight each other and to suppress each other. Especially the suppression of the Arab people has been an influence on the history of the UK. The war they started in Irak has left immensely deep wounds that need to be healed and need to be acknowledged. But also the suppression of the black people, of Africa, needs to be healed and acknowledged. So there is a lot of inner work to be done and it needs a lot of humility and compassion and forgiveness, both for the other as well as for the self.

Know that you are guided by a new energy, which is the energy of the sacred child, the new born king, the new born queen, arriving on this planet. They will lead the way. They are still small but they bring the new frequency of a life that is based on soulfulness and awareness. The moment you tune in to that new frequency you will know the way, you will know what to do and what your role is in the bigger picture.

So what we would like you to do in the coming three months is to tune in to the high frequency of your own soul. Connect to the new born in you, to that leading principle that sheds light on your life, on who you are, so your path becomes enlightened, and you become one particle in this huge network of love and light.

Many blessings, many thanks, and we wish you a lot of courage.’


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