25.23 UK, Glastonbury, The Tor, Turning the Key

It is Good Friday and we are tuning into the Tor and the meeting of May 24-25 in Glastonbury. With Agnes.

‘There is a collective field opening and the Tor is the keyhole, where you put the key to open this greater field – which is the field of the grail, the field of the healing, the feminine, the great femine that is arising in these times.

Now for a key to turn you always have two forces, one force pulls up, one force pulls down. That’s how you turn the key. You could name these two forces the red queen and the white queen. Red and white, the red roses and the white roses. They work with each other and at the same time against each other. They are opposing forces. But these opposing forces are needed to turn the key.

Do you understand what I am saying? So you shouldn’t be doing the same thing, but you are aligned anyway. This is true for all involved. Everyone of you needs to find their own place, their own key hole, their own way of turning the key.

The Tor is like the rabbit hole, connecting the other world with this reality – and it will be of major importance for Great Britain, which has ruled so much over the world. But now it will pay the price, it will have to face the responsibility for conquering the world. But this is also the place where the healing starts. So if they can take on that leadership and use the grail to lead, instead of the sword, then they can do a lot of good for the world.

Now they are completely focused on their own problems, but they need to be in service of the rest of the world. Then their problem can change, can transform into a supportive power for the world at large and for Europe.

This asks a lot of healers, therapists, lightworkers, shamans to connect with each other, to hold this collective field of transformation. Everyone is involved and is needed, to put in their part of the puzzle to bring back the Grail.

It is the preparation for the new royalty, for the new generation, for the coming together of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. Because of these four elements the fifth element can reveal itself in the middle, in the heart. It needs both the Grail and the Sword. Excalibur the Sword of Truth and Justice, not to conquer but to reveal the truth and to stand for justice in the world. It is also the sword of Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess who holds the balance. Without balance things go out of control. The role of the arbiter, John Bercow, is to hold this balance. He is de Ma’at for Great Britain. One of his powers is humour, so things don’t become too extreme in its manifestation.

So play, play with the archetypes, play with colours, with flowers and with joy. Because that is the antidote for the great turning of the wheel, for the dramas that you will witness in the coming times.’


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