25.35 UK, Schiehallion, The Call for Light

On our way to Boxtel. Ton feels pressure on his heart.

‘There is great suffering. The world is out of balance and the earth-ecosystem is trying to hold the space, but it can not longer do it. It’s like the masculine and the feminine: the world is the masculine energy of culture, of humanity, and the earth is the feminine energy of the Mother, who is trying to hold her children in her lap, but she can no loger provide.

The structure of the ecosystem is slowly desintegrating and things will get more out of balance in the coming years. It will go faster and faster. The ecosystem consists of all the animal species, the plant species, the birds and the fish, the insects, the elementals,… but as soon as there is chaos in this huge biological system, things will go into disarray and there will be a lot of suffering.

First suffering on an energetical level, on the lowest level of existence, but slowly it will reach human civilisation in many different aspects. You’ll have to scramble for your survival. You’ll have to flee from different places, from your homes, to search for safety, to search for nourishment. You will not be able to sustain yourself. This will be a downfall of sociey and civilisation.

And yet there is hope. In the darkest of moments there is a shimmer of light. Because you will learn to ask for forgiveness, to ask for help, to ask for guidance. It is this guidance that can help you out of the chaos, and lead you towards a new horizon, a new civilisation, in which humanity will remember its collectivity with the earth and the plant and animal kingdom. Its codependency with spirit and Mother Earth.

Your work in Scotland is a call for courage and a call for action – but most of all a call for help. Call all the species together. Call the warriors of light. Call for the rainbow warriors. Call for the politicians and the people with power and money. Call for all men and women, and young people, to face the reality of the situation you are in. To wake up, to understand darkness and disaster and to reach for the light. That is the main purpose of your gathering in Scotland: the call for light, for the light, for de-light.’


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