25.37 UK, Schiehallion, Cocreating in Diversity

Tuning into our work for 11:11 and what we need, because we all have different energies and talents and rythms and forms of communication.

‘You are making it too complex. You will never be able to align both energies completely, so you have to accept the difference, accept that there is a different rythm, a different input, a different vision – and that is just fine. It’s not a problem. Because you will have many different inputs to this project, and that’s probably one of the most challenging parts of it: that everyone will give it a different view/form. Yet there is something that transcends this, and that is the power that you serve, which is beyond your personal scope. So the moment you are in tune with that transcendant power – which is the power of one, the power of connection, the power of unity, the power of connecting the world population through the diversity – then you know you are inspired, you are enthusiastic, you are in the energy of the gods.

So trust yourself in this. Trust that whoever does create in alignment with this transcendent power, is fine. So Mohammed is doing his share, that’s fine. And go with that. It’s really inclusive. All the energies that are jumping on the wagon, are fine. It need to be all inclusive. Yet holding the vision, holding that very clear vision of where you want to go.

For you two it is like a dance: one steps foward, the other steps back – and then it’s the other way around. You make it into a movement. But don’t block the movement, just go with it. If one makes a movement, follow it, if the other takes the lead, follow it. It’s like yin-yang, all the time moving from one to another, because both are important.

Don’t worry, trust the process. There is a higher intelligence at work and you’re just serving that. So even if it will look chaotic or sometimes impossible, you just have to trust the final manifestation of this. Which is extremely powerful. As long as you hold that flame, everyone will connect to that vision. That’s the thing you need to do: to hold the vision. That’s the most important thing, don’t lose that for a second. And then everyone will jump on the wagon in his or her own way, or in his or her own cultural manifestation.

Do you understand that just by putting out the vision and holding it for four months, whatever you will do will be aligned to that. It’s all aligning to that one hour. A one hour of standstill of humanity. And one hour of connecting to the divine, to the spirit, opening the gateway of the alpha gate of Schiehallion, connecting it to so many groups and so many sacred places around the world.

So jump in the rollercoaster – and you are off, ready to go.’


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