25.42 UK, Glastonbury, The Maze and the Labyrinth

In Chalice House, at the foot of the Tor.

‘I am Merlin, head of the druids. So you have come here at last on your quest through the maze, the labyrinth. Now there is a difference between the two. When you are in the mind, you are in the maze; when you are in the heart, you are in the labyrinth. And the labyrinth has one goal, and that goal is Schiehallion, is to fulfill your quest to open up the altar of the North, to invite the energeis of the North.

You are now confused, because part of the maze is working, trying to send you in all kinds of directions. So first of all trust the process, keep breathing to your bodies and know that you are guided through this whole journey, through this spiritual journey. Don’t worry about the future or the past, but stay in the present moment. Become more aware in the present moment, so that the gate to the grail castle can be opened and you can see your visions and the information from the other world.

Enter into the king’s hole underneath Glastonbury Tor, to join the spirits and the angels and the druids that are waiting for your presence. That are waiting to hear your words and receive your blessing. That are waitng to come out into the world and join you in your endeavour in Scotland. Know that your work is on the inner planes, where you are opening up the gates of consciousness. The trees are the guardians to the inner plane. Connect to the trees and ask them permission.’

Now I hear the voice of the trees, the oaks.

‘We are happy you are here. Our fate depends on you. We are at the loss because the tree population is diminishing rapidly and also our forefathers, ancient trees, are dying out. So please talk about us, share our message, be our voice. Without trees humans cannot exist. We are your lungs. But we need you as well. We are interdependent species. No trees, no humans; nu humans, no trees. We feel the love for human beings, but we cannot understand that they destroy us. We are in service to mankind, but if we die, you’ll die with us.

If you go to Schiehallion, visit the yew tree, the Mother Ancient. She’s the Grandmother, containing sacred wisdom of survival over thousands of years. She will initiate you and make you remember who you are. Bring your group to the yew tree to hear her message. She is the Caeilleach, very poisonous in many aspects, but healing if you know how to honour her and bow to her wisdom.

In Glastonbury you have to activate the grail. Connect to the Grandmothers in your network. That’s all for now.’


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