25.41 UK, Plymouth, The Gate to the West

Tuning in with Agnies and Cornelius, near the Royal William Yard in Plymouth.

‘This is the gate to the West. Like Schiehallion is the gate to the North, this is the entrance to the energies of the West. From here the Pilgrim Fathers went out. But as a gate has to openings, it’s not only the energy that goes out, but also the energy that goes in. When you visualise a gate here towards the Americas, you can easily make contact with the wisdom of the West. It’s the wisdom of full summer going into autumn, preparing for winter, preparing for death. But at this moment it is still the full glory of everything that has been achieved.

As in every circle good things have been achieved and bad things. This is the moment to forgive the bad things, the bad parts of patriarchy.’

Ton: Now I hear Lord Nelson speaking.

‘We did the best we could. That’s how we were brought up to strive and battle for honour, for the Queen, for England. I do realise we’ve made some serious wounds in the world, which I can see better from this place. But with you bringing so much colour and diversity you have been healing so much of what we neglected and what we didn’t do. So I want to honour you for that, and thank you for the work you’ve been doing for the last twenty years, to heal the wounds of Plymouth, to heal the wounds of the past.

But now is the moment to let it go. To release the hard work and to receive the glory of it. To receive the completion. To know that what you have done has made the circle round. Things are going back to the beginning, like this city will be changing into a glorious town. And it is starting here, at this yard. Because it will bring the seeds and the fruits for a new time to arrive, for a new generation to start.

It’s never in the center that things start anew. It is always at the edges, at those places which are difficult and rough and edgy, that the new development will start. So you could say that the new England, the new UK, is starting here. At this place, this town. Here the seedlings are being born that will grow into a very strong tree of life.

So open up the gate to the west and invite the new in, that which has been forgotten and neglected for so long. Invite the new people in as well, the refugees, because they will be the yeast for the new to emerge.

Oh, and it’s a joy that you are in my house, if you didn’t now that yet.’


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