25.40 UK, Dover, Welcome to the UK

Ton and Anne in Calais, just before boarding to Dover. We have just visited Ypres in Belgium, the city that was protected by the English against the Germans throughout the war. Tuning in to the boat journey. Ton keeps on hearing a Dutch nursery rhyme: ‘Witte zwanen, zwarte zwanen…’ Translated it says: white swans, black swans, who’s joining us to England? England is locked, the key is broken. Isn’t there a blacksmith in the country who could repair the key?

‘You could say that the key is the symbol of the disconnection on all levels. The connection between England and Europe has been broken; Brexit is, as it were, the lost key. But it is also about the broken connection between man and nature, about that which is out of connection, out of balance. And the two of you feel that same disconnection in your own bodies, in your relationship, the energies that are not flowing in the heart and in the womb. It is on all those layers that healing is necessary, that the connection may be healed – and that is the theme of Connecting the Dots.

‘Healing the key’ is the journey you make through England, Wales and Scotland – to finally arrive at Schiehallion. It is this whole journey that creates the healing. This healing is the key that you will have to put in the lock of mount Schiehallion. You don’t have to do anything specific for that, just follow the flow. Let yourself be taken on the journey, on a flow of events that has already been set out energetically. You take a lot of people with you – more and more people actually, people who feel attracted to that movement.

Acknowledge both the white swan and the black swan, because it is in the connection between the two that the healing can arise, that the exchange can happen. In the connection between left and right, between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, between men and women, between conservatives and progressives, … all these polarities can be connected again. Between science and spirituality, but also between the dark and the light. So don’t shy away from the dark and don’t shy away from the light. Allow both in your heart and in your womb or pelvis. Take everything that happens on this journey seriously. Pay attention to the details. Acknowledge everything, without judgment, because it is in the awareness of the journey that the healing can take place.

Open the gate. Bring back to England what they have given to Europe to free themselves. Now it’s your turn to free England from the burden that they have put on themselves. Free them from the influence of large corporations who have taken hold of this country. The old masculine way of thinking, the patriarchal attitude that wants control and power. It is to liberate this country that you will put the key in the hole. So the old institutions will crumble, will let go of their strong hold, and open up to new life, to new love, to a new future – for Britain, for Scotland and for Ireland.

We are awaiting you. Don’t linger. Don’t be disillusioned or discouraged, keep the flame alive to bring it to Schiehallion. Every minute, every second.’


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