25.47 UK, York, The Sacrificial Lamb

In the center of York, we saw an old temple of Serapis. Ton saw a priest there who gave him a lamb. The priest pronounced the word: sacrifice.

“Sacrifice. Sacre ficere. In its original meaning it is: making holy, making whole, making sacred. So this is your task: to bring the sacred back, to bring the wholeness back.

On the square, on the temple, connect with both Schiehallion and Glastonbury, to connect the two mountains in the middle of the lemniscate. This is the exact point in the middle of the square, where the two energies meet. It is also the meeting, not only of space, but of time. (I see an hourglass) Where eras change. Where you will switch the wheel, turn the wheel into a new era.

The lamb is necessary, the sacrificial lamb, that makes everything holy. So the thing you need to do is to be on that square and embody these two energies and walk towards each other, connecting with your hearts to the heart of the city. Opening up heaven and earth, opening up the energies underneath the town. Going deep into it, into the ground. And perform the ceremony as it has once been done by installing the temple, creating the temple on top of the hill between the two rivers.

Go back to the original beginning of this place, where they once lit the fire in the temple. It’s a good thing to do this early in the morning, with the sunrise of the Jupiter energy that is starting to herald a new king, a new era – a new energy of a new kingdom. That as the time when the ritual was done, when the sun shone into the temple to herald a new day. To herald a new king, and a new queen, into the morning light. You’ve gathered the energies of the grail, here are the energies of the pentacle, of earth. Many blessings.”


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