25.48 UK, Oban, Receiving the Force

Message during the 11:11 group zoom, from Oban.

“From beyond the veil there is a force coming towards you. It’s a moment in time, and your hearts are connected to it. The only thing you need to do is open up and receive. There is nothing to plan nor to organise. Only to be present, to show up, to receive this energy. It’s not so much in doing that things will change, but in opening up and receiving.

This is the gift of nature. It’s a gift of the spirits and of the devas, of the trees and the mountains, of the waters and the animals towards humanity. Receive us, they cry, see us. When you open up you will be filled with this force or power of the unseen world. It will create magic in your life and solutions for the problems you are struggling with.

Be blessed on your journey, whatever you go through. And know that there is always support.”


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