25.50 UK, Isle of Lewis, The Gateway of the Cailleach

“The Callanish stonecircle is the gateway of the Cailleach. It’s the energy of primordial matter, that which comes before birth. The energy that lies sleeping before it emerges and manifests into the world of the three dimensional plane. The dark matter is connected to Kali, Kal. It is this tempe of death and rebirth that is a gate to the other world, heralding a new phase in humanity where we will see first a deep plunge into darkness and death, before the eagle of consciousness can rise again.

Are you ready to accept this initiation? Into a place that is beyond the physical reality, to bring back the birth of a new time…?

The Cailleach is the moon goddess, she is the dark moon. Best honoured during the new moon time. But know that there is no death without life, no darkness without light, so while she looks scary like an old hag her essence is beauty, her essence is procreation and the very quintessence of life itself. Mother Earth who recreates life on her planet.

The eye of Cailleach is her inner eye with which she sees the past, the present and the future. She looks through every outer appearance into the depth of the soul. That’s why she is sometimes considered to be terrible. Because she knows what’s going on behind the surface. Her hair is white, because she is old as the earth itself and is being seen as the creator goddess from the north. Creating islands, mountains, stones, oceans and rivers, that brought new life on her body. Animals and birds and fish and creatures, and slowly slowly human consciousness. She is accompanied by the whales and dolphins and the orkas, that surround her like her children. Deep in het vulva are the fires of lava, vulcanoes, erupting through time to become land.

For the human mind this is all beyond understanding. Because her life spans millions of years and she talks about life and death of planets. But still she cherishes every little thing, every little creature, because they are all her children. To honour her is to honour life itself.

Be blessed and know that you are safe in her arms, resting your heads at her bossom, at the central stone of the Callanish.”


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