25.53 UK, Isle of Skye, The Hyperboreans

“Welcome, we are from the order of the Hyberboreans, as the Greeks called us. We ourselves had different names for our tradition and our culture, but for them we were ‘above’, beyond the north wind. You could say we are still ‘beyond’, living in this angelic realm.

We are what you would call angels, living between the dimensions of earth and heaven and we can function as intermediaries, bringing you messages and guiding you – if you so wish – in this time of change and chaos. We are more than happy to assist you and to give you information on how to go through this dark tunnel of destruction and distraction.

It is not easy because you are in a process of downfall. Like in a birthing channel you go through the darkness to come out on the other side and reach the light of a new birth. But first you have to go through this process of letting go an old society, old structures that no longer work or function properly. This demands a lot of compassion. Both for yourself as for your fellow beings. Don’t judge anyone in the process, but hold them in your hearts. Cause they will have the same difficulties going through this birthing channel.

Now let’s talk a little bit about ourselves. We are light beings, cocreating with the eternal mind. Our headquarters are in the north, and we were always seen as the white ones, the shining ones. We were put into stories as angels or gods, but in reality we are much closer to you. We are living in your hearts as well. You are – you could say – emanations of the same divine mind as we, but we live in a different energetic dimension. Withing the divine mind there is no separation, only oneness, and a myriad of diverse beings: stone beings, tree beings, water beings, human beings… and they all form part of creation. In our world there is no duality. We live in this fluid being-ness, and we feel everything. All aspects of everyone are included in our heart. So we are very aware of our oneness and the diversity in that oneness.

We were and are the inspiration for the northern and western cultures, and western civilisation. We’ve tried to pass on our wisdom and knowledge to many people through centuries, just as we are doing right now to you. Sometimes we appeared in dreams or in energy, to give direction or inspiration. We work closely with other councils, like the Council of Shamballa, the Council of Africa, the Council of the South, …

We’d be more than happy to work with you on 11:11, to guide you through this doorway of love, light and compassion. As you reach out to us, we reach out to you. We are more than happy to meet each other on the doorstep of the Schiehallion. Be one with us, as we are one with you.”


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