25.53 UK, Schiehallion, Message from Sygnus

“We are here to support you and to be with you through this proces of crisis and transformation. You might not be aware of the fact that we are so close to you. That we are overlooking this transition in human history. Yet, if you would be aware of our presence, and know that we can help in many ways and assist you in the deep transformation of the human psyche, you would feel much more comforted and relaxed. We are holding you in our heartspace and trust that you go through this process and come out at the other side.

Now, it is not an easy process, because it involves death and a deep letting go on so many levels of your existence, but don’t be afraid. Don’t turn to anger or resentment or disappointment, but allow things to happen, even if things are contradictory, or people are not agreeing with each other. Don’t be disillusioned by the diversity of thought. It is all part of the stress that is needed for creation to take place. Without polarity there is no new path, no third way. So embrace both sides of the conflict or confrontation. It is not on a mindlevel that you can solve the puzzle. The real key to the solution is in the heart. 

This is where we step in: we are living beyond the heart and as soon as you tune in to your own heart, you become part of this broader field of wisdom that encompasses everything and everybody. 

We come to you through light. Light is the way to travel through the universe. It stores our memory and our information and our being and thus we can reach you, and touch your soul, like we did in the old times. First with the Hyperboreans, the Caledonians and the Scots. You came in contact with the Northernlight, which contains the codes of transfiguration and emmanation fo light. It is these codes that are needed for a next step in evolution. They contain plans, wisdom and actions for technology to evolve, but without the key of the heart they are nothing. Your technology is still based on the mind, on duality and that is why so much technology is used for war or for conquering. But as soon as you start using technology based on the heart, you will create a very, very different world. One that is not excluding or separating or fighting, but one that is thriving, loving and growing. 

The downfall you experience is the downfall of the mind and the rebirth of the heart. The more of you make the journey from mind to heart, the easier it becomes to create this new world. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t loose hope, but receive the light and know that we are with you, as always.”


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