26.01 AFGHANISTAN, Kabul, The suppression of Ancient Wisdom

‘Behind all the suppression and the darkness, there’s a very clear light. A light of consciousness. A treasure of wisdom, hidden in the mountains. Hidden in the rivers. Hidden in some ancient cities, where the old sages were practising their spiritual discipline. Connecting east and west. Connecting nord and south. It is in this mystic Sufi tradition, the ancient place of civilisation, where there was a very high consciousness, a very high civilisation. It’s the destortion, the destruction of this place that has heralded the whole destruction of Afghanistan – going into this darkness and suppression of the last decennia, the last fifty years.

Suppression by the Russians, suppression by the Americans, suppression by the Dutch and now by the Taliban and Isis. All these male systems that are overruling, overpowering the original beauty and wisdom of the feminine, of the Goddess, the ivory Goddess of the river. The white Tara. She blossomed in the valleys and in the mountains of Afghanistan.

It is time to bring this old knowledge back to life. To bring this old Goddess back to the surface. To kiss her awake. You don’t have to look for danger or to fight the darkness. It’s just that you have to kiss awake that what has been forgotten and has been lost and ignored. It’s not fighting the darkness, but awakening the light, in which you will conquer, in which you will prevail.

The Goddess Tara speaks: My temple has gone. My power has been deminished. My body has been ravaged and raped to the bone. Still I am there in the stones, in the water and in the hearts of the people. Slumbering, crying, shouting of rage and pain. For those who can see me and hear me, I am there. I call out for those, to help uncover the secret stone of creation, hidden within the old city.

Create a circle of light around this centrepoint. Create a circle of light. You can do this by tuning into this area from a distance. Come to me. Come tot his centre and reveal the treasure of the feminine.’

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