27.02 SWITZERLAND, Jungfrau, Council of the Wizards

‘This is the moment of completion, of connecting all the dots. Speaking to you is one of the Council of the Magicians, the Wizards, the Council of Melchisedek and Merlin. There are several councils, there are actually many councils, taking care of the evolution of mankind. Our council is mainly involved with the energetic grid of the Earth. You know so much about it in the meantime, about power places, energetic lines… This whole fabric of energy is the blueprint, the energetic structure, your whole civilisation and reality is built upon. There are several layers of creation and we are working on the deepest layer of this energy field.

As we’ve been working together through the years we became co-workers in this field. We taught you how to work with the energy lines and with the power spots, to harmonize them, to balance them, to restore what has been broken. This is part of a natural human creation.

At the same time in the last decades a whole electronic creation has been built, a digital creation, an artificial creation. This artificial creation seems to support humankind, it seems to help them, but when it goes over a certain boundary it will replace humankind. It will actually be against humankind, and this is a grave danger. Because it’s a not-natural system, it’s an artificial intelligence. It’s an intelligence that is not based on the laws of righteousness, the laws of light, the laws of compassion, and the laws of enlightenment. It’s actually based on laws of darkness, on laws of suppression, on laws of hierarchy. It’s not very visible but it’s there, its underlying principles are control and fear.

We never wanted to go into this direction, because we didn’t want to scare you and give you too much detailed information which might hinder your work. But at the moment we need to do this, we need to warn you for these dangers, because it’s getting out of hand, out of control.

So there is a matrix of light and there’s a matrix of darkness, and the two meet in the middle. It’s always the energy of love and compassion that makes the difference. It’s only through you, through humans, who have a free will, who are conscious about their own path and about their own intentions and motivations, that things will turn this way or that way. It is not up to us to make that decision, it is up to you to decide which way you want to go.

Switzerland is like the capstone of the pyramid, it’s like a clockwork in this energetic field. But also here the electronic digital matrix seems to take over from the natural world.

(Don’t try to understand it, Ton, just listen to the information, so you can pass it on to others and together you can decide what to do. It’s all a matter of symbolic words and information, so you can translate it to your three dimensional reality. That’s why we talk many times in metaphors and stories, so you will understand for yourself. But it’s not an understanding from the mind, it’s an understanding from the heart, and from the guts, and from your feelings.)

What used to be your power place – symbolised by the dragons of the mountains, holding that sacred space in the middle of Europe, as an open space, as a space where creation can take place, where we would gather as the magicians, to hold the energy of Europe – is now turning into its opposite. We are slowly been taken over. It’s only through you, your connection with all the lightworkers, that we can hold a foot on the ground, so to speak. The apex is the Jungfrau, it’s the top, the pinnacle of the whole clockwork. It is like the clock hands, which are the centre of a clock, connecting the display of a clock with the mechanism behind it.

Don’t be shy to work together and to get all the information needed, from all sides. Everyone is doing his or her part in this lightwork. All are very worthwhile. It is no coincidence that the Brexit is happening, as a force to disrupt the union and it’s not the only disruption, there are many disruptions. They try to break the bond of humans who want to live in peace and connection. They are forces that want to make a rupture in the fabric. I hope you understand what we are struggling with. The only thing we can do is to share our information with you, so you become part of it. By becoming part and sharing your knowledge, we are able to create a bond, a new covenant, a new connection between the other realms and the physical realm. It is in this human connection with all your people that the light will be preserved and held in a sacred way.

So visualize a large circle of people who are holding the space, holding the space for a new birth, for a regeneration of the energy of Mother Earth. This rebirth is the feminine Christ. That’s where the light comes from. In the middle of your circle visualize the feminine Christ. It is She who has been denied and obliterated from history, that creates this new energy of regeneration and renewal, so your whole system, your whole civilisation, can in the end flourish again. But from a natural source. It’s through the divine feminine that you are reborn, not through a technical solution. Because that will only prolong the dying process, it will lead you into a system of death. While we are talking about a living matrix, as it was installed on your planet in the first place. A living matrix of flowers and plants and animals and water and air and fire and earth. This is what this matrix was supposed to be and still is. Because that’s what you depend upon as human beings. You are made out of it, you’re a child of the Mother, and inspired, inseminated by the Father, by the Spirit. Don’t forget your parents in creating your own creation. Don’t build a tower of Babel, knowing it will result in your end. Rely on forces, on information and wisdom of the Masters, of all these councils that are so much willing to support you and to help you in this process.

Welcome the feminine Christ, welcome Mary Magdalene, welcome the White Tara, welcome Quan Yin, the feminine Buddha, because they will be the inspiration for the leaders to come. To lead from darkness to light, from suffering to flourishing. We are here to support you and to guide you in all humbleness and love for who you are. Don’t forget you are created in the image of God and Goddess, man and woman you’re created. We have spoken.’


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