29.00 ISRAEL, Jerusalem, The Return of the White Animals

‘This is the return of the white animals: the white dolphin, the white eagle, the white condor, the white lion, the white whale, the white spider, the white buffalo calf. It is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the return of the white animals, coming together as one, prophesying the return of the Christ consciousness, unicorn, uniting all people, all tribes in the point of God.

God has appointed a place on earth where all these different energies of the whole world and of all humanity are coming together as one, like a focal point. It is the temple of humanity. And when all the thirteen doors are opened, the temple can be reactivated and installed. Thus being able to communicate the message of God to all of humanity. The message is that we are all brothers and sisters of one family, including all the animals, the plant kingdom, the devas, the elementals, the energetic beings, … and to open this gate in Jerusalem.

To open this gate in Jerusalem, we invite the beings of the sea, of the oceans – the old ones containing all the wisdom of the ages, of the existence of Mother Earth before humanity came. We like to invite them and honour their perseverance, their love, their wisdom. We bow to the greater good, in humility and service to that what needs to happen. We honour you who have been serving us for so long. Trust that all will be well, even in the face of adversary. Trust and hope leads you through the dark times, to a new dawn, a new morning rising out of the night.’


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