29.02 ISRAEL, Tiberias, Dina, Gathering of the Tribes

Tuning into the tomb of Dina.

‘We are the guardians of the tribes. As you were saying ‘calling the tribes together’ it is your tribes from your time, but it’s also the ancient tribes, the twelve tribes of Israel – which was a metaphor, not only for our people but for the whole world. The thirteenth tribe is all of you together. Just as you found information near Qumran in the Dead Sea scrolls, there are also ancient texts and information in these mountains, talking about the origin of the Judaic people. There’s a strong connection to Iran and the temples of the eternal fire. It was kept by the fathers, the old patriarchs, and it was put into the graves with their bodies. They would put the knowledge and the wisdom they carried with them in the graves, which are in these mountains.

The thirteenth tribe, which is the feminine, is connecting all the twelve tribes. It’s the sisterhood, which brings back the twelve. Because the twelve have been scattered all around the world, thinking they are different, they are separate from each other, but in the end they belong to the family of one, to the one tribe of humanity. It’s in this moment of time that you have to recognize each other as brothers and sisters of this one tribe. Here is the ancestral heritage, not only for the jewish people, but also for the arab and palestinian people and the christian people. Just by being here, by acknowledging this place, you’re opening up the portals and the books of wisdom.

Connect with the music, with the dance, with the earth, with the wind and with the water, and of course connect with the people. Because they have the same message in their DNA that you have in your DNA, which is that you are from this one family. The prophecy of the one tribe encompasses all the twelve, and it’s at the moment when all these tribes come together, that humanity can take a different course and history will be changed.

This is the moment that this can all be released, in the coming years. Here is the place and the people that will take a lead, but it’s a message for everyone around the globe. If you stick the needle here in the collective field, it will ripple through the whole cosmos. The letters and the texts of the jewish tradition, the dance and the food of the Arab tradition, the hearts and the songs of the christian tradition, they all go hand in hand, and so many more.

Open up this gate, by March 8. The eight is also the gate of eternity. (I feel an urgency with this whole message.) It’s a very urgent matter. You don’t know how important this is. You have no clue about the greatness of what you’re doing at the moment, but just trust what you are doing. (I feel Judith.) She is also in this process, she knows very well what you are doing. Trust that you will be accompanied by all the others who will be coming at full steps, and will join you for this great celebration of oneness. Aho.’

(Lake of Galilee, near the tomb of Dina, 25/09/2019)

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