29.01 ISRAEL, Akko, The Crucaders

‘Akko is Cadiz, it’s the other side. Where Cadiz was the port towards the Atlantic Ocean, Akko is the port towards the Mediterranean. It’s these two points that are connected, the two opposites. Just as there was this seamonster in Cadiz, creating chaos and destruction, Akko has the same energy. It’s another needle point in the collective field, and as soon as the energies will be unleashed here there will be a lot of turmoil in the collective field. Because here is a connection between the powers of the sea and the powers of the land.

You need to do some work with the four of you, because also Marcel and Monique were involved in the stories of the crucaders. Also here you have to find the middle point. In this square fortress, find the fifth point, the center. And in this center, tune into the sacred feminine to open up like a flower. So in this stronghold of power the gentleness can come in.’


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