29.04 ISRAEL, Jaffa, Andromeda

Tuning into the voice of Andromeda, neer the temple of Astoreth in Jaffa.

‘I was the daughter of the king, but that wasn’t all. I was also head of the priestesses of this place. From a long lineage of matriarchal wisdom, coming from Africa and Egypt. We brought the wisdom of the goddess to this place and as all the fertility goddesses, it was all connected to the sea, to the ocean, to the waves. The place where fertility comes from, out of the water into the land. Later on, a starconstellation has been named after me, (Andromeda nebula).

It wasn’t so much that I was going to be sacrificed by a seamonster, I was the seamonster. It was part of our feminine power to be connected not only to the fertility but also to the fiery aspect of water, the fiery storms and the tornadoes. The water that can destroy, the dark side of the goddess. And thus it meant I had to be domesticated, I had to be controlled by patriarchal values. So being saved by Perseus wasn’t the only good thing, it also meant that my time was over and the power of the goddess was waning.

It is this energy that you have felt last night, my dear friends, and it is this message that you bring. The message of dark times. Which doesn’t mean it is bad, sometimes you need a storm to bring inner peace, to bring clarification, so the next day the air is cleared, but storm will come and I will guide you in this. Don’t be afraid of the dark side, live with it, dance with it, as if you would dance with a lioness. Grab her by the hair and feel its power. Enjoy the ride towards your own destiny.’

(September 2019)

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