29.05 ISRAEL, Magdala, Healing House

‘I am the Magdala, coming out of a long journey of suppression, of ignorance, of being cast aside. A woman of a lesser degree. And it is time that I return to my own land, to my own home. It is as if I am born again. But it is all this pain that I am carrying with me. All this suffering from many eons of suppression. And especially the pain of sexuality. The feminine sexuality that wasn’t acknowledged or honoured. That has been rudely invaded and not understood.

It is this severe trauma which many women carry, that is coming to the surface and will be disruptive. But it can only be healed when it comes to the surface, when it’s being acknowledged. And this is exactly why the problem comes to you, to the grandmothers. Because you are the ones that can hold it, that can hold the space for that. Like you did under the tree. You are the spaceholders for the younger women, to go through this proces of initiation and pain, so it can be released. This is just the start of opening the lid of the can of worms that is underneath it, because there is so much more suffering going on, of sexual abuse, of sexual pain, that is not acknowledged yet.

Both in the Arab culture and in the Jewish culture, it’s like a cooking pan. And it needs so much wisdom and compassion and love and nurturing, to let this process come to the surface. So the festival was exactly what was needed, like a healing house. Like we had a healing house two thousand years ago. This was our calling. We were doing the healing work. With our hands, with our bodies. With our yonies, with our spirit. This was our calling. And we used the water of the lake and we used the caves of the mountains.

We were holding the sacred space of healing. And it’s this return of feminine healing that is so important in this country and in the Middle East, that needs so much healing by the feminine. Cause it has been so much denied for ages. So it’s into your hands, as the grandmothers, to hold the space. And this is exactly what you are doing. This was what you are called for. And it’s again a starting point of a much larger healing field, for which many grandmothers are needed. I see hundreds of thousands of women coming. Coming for this acknowledgement of their femininity and to recognise each other. So the doors will be opened towards this healing house. And the mountain will again unleach his wisdom of the divine feminine and of divine sexuality. And men will have to be taught how to enter the temple in a sacred way. Because nobody has told them anymore. They forgot. So the sacred wisdom of sexuality that is one of the doorways to spiritual enlightenment or development, can be acknowledged again.

Invoke the circle of the grandmothers, the elders, who can hold this process. And I am with you, as I have been all this time. I am from the house of Magdala, from a long line of Jewish healers, that came from Egypt.’

(Earth Dance Festival, 26/09/2018)

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