29.06 ISRAEL, Magdala, The Walk of Men

Tuning into the Walk of the Men preceding the Gathering of the Tribes, near a chapel in Kursi at Lake Galilee. Behind is the Golan Height and in front is Magdala.

‘Follow your feet.
Don’t get it all organized, have a broad structure through which you can follow the path. But leave space for flexibility.
Start in Jericho, the lowest point. Begin at the beginning and from there on the road will unfold.

It is not about numbers, it’s about the intention.
But make it so that people can join, for one day, or two days, or three days.
Doesn’t matter, in this one moment they will pick up that which they have to learn, and they will bring what they can contribute.
As long as there is a kind of core group: it will make the path and go from place tot place. There is an app that can show you where you are and how people can join in.

Follow your footsteps, connecting the Westbank with the Jordan valley and the Israeli land. Connecting the Israel trail with the Abraham path and the Jesus trail.
All in service of humanity, and in service of the sacred feminine and masculine.
Walking shifts the energy and opens you up to the divine.

I hear a couple of places: Nablus, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Tiberius.’

(September, 2019)

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