29.09 ISRAEL, Magdala, The Prophecy of Magdala

After the gathering in Magdala the day before, some more information is coming in, about this old place.

‘We’d like to take you back in time. Much further back in time than the Roman time or the Judean time. Back to a prehistoric time, when there was already a large civilisation around Kinneret, which was the goddess of fertility. On the place you now call Magdala or Migdal, there was a feminine mystery school, which had to do with the power of creation. It was where the priestesses gathered to bring in their wisdom of the elements, of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. To create that fifth element, because that fifth element was needed for the creation of further civilisations.

They could travel in time, to look in the beyond, and look through the beyond to watch the future. They also had connections with the past. So when they gathered in their circle, with the fire in the middle, they would project their visions, their dreams, to watch that future. They went into trance, using their different substances for mediums, to do their creative dreaming.

In this creative dreaming of the future, they foresaw the war, the different wars. And also this moment in time, when the women would come back, through one of their priestesses, through Mary Magdalene. And the remembrance of her in your time.

There’s an older meaning to the word Magdal. It is the one who can see. It’s about the visionaries, the seers. They were standing on the tower, but that’s a symbolic way of saying: if you’re standing on a tower, you can look into the future and you can look back to the past.

They brought this knowledge from ancient times towards your time.

We invite you all to come and remember these dreams. To come in groups, to open up towards this ancient knowledge, which is so needed in your time. The seers foresaw the Great War, which is yet to come, but also the ways to avoid it, or to soften it. To bring the feminine wisdom back in, into the equation. So that you can make a jump to a next time line, to another outcome of the future. There is a choice to be made. By listening to the tides, you can make a choice for either world destruction, or world evolvement.

We desperately wanted to talk to you, because you are holding the key to this mystery place and to this time of choice. We call it the time of choice. And there’s this urgency that you bring the people and gather them at the lake, as a needle in a larger community, a larger world, to bring healing and insight into what needs to be done for your future generations. Or the other path, the end of generations, the end of future.

We are very honoured to bring this message from the elders. We would like to keep this connection for the coming years, so that their prophecy of the return of the feminine can be fulfilled, and so that the elders of Magdal can pass on their knowledge to you.

Many blessings to all of you who are connected to your tribe, to all of you who are part of this co-creation in time.’


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