29.07 ISRAEL, Magdala, Magdala Day

‘I feel your connection, your own connection tot his ground, to this land, as a woman, as a man. And your connection to the wind. And your connection to the water. And your connection to the fire within. Because this is the temple. Your body is the temple. This land is the temple. And we all return to the temple inside.

It’s not about the stories or about religions or theories anymore, but it’s about us. When you have these four elements, there is a fifth element, and the fifth element is inside of you. It’s a heart opening, embracing everything. Embracing the light and the dark. The old and the new. And embracing that what has to come. Because today there’s a gate opening, which is the return of the feminine. The return of the feminine in both men and women. The return of the feminine in christianity, islam, judaism. The return of the feminine all over the world. To connect back to Mother Earth. Cause we have forgotten her. We have forgotten this precious.

And so it is the return of Mary Magdalene. The return of Sarah. The return of Hagar. And it’s the return of you, coming to this land.’


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