29.22 ISRAEL, Masada, Talks with Zebedeus, part 1

Talking with Koen Akkers about the Messiah, Massada and the Apocalyps and wondering which information may be given on the subject.

Koen: I would like to know what kind of information you can give me on what happened in the first century A.D. when Essenes but also Zelots and other members of several Jewish sects got in a conflict with the Romans. Perhaps they had to secure their religious objects and religious writings? And maybe you, Ton, had something to do with that in a past life…?

‘I’m talking now about the role of Zebedeus. He was a Zelot and a priest, in the line of Abraham. As you have to understand, we lived in a very difficult period of time. There was a lot of chaos. And we, as a people, were threatened. We were pushed with our back against the wall. There was a lot of suppression and domination from the Roman Empire, and this took a long, long time. This process went on over many years. So you could say there was already a kind of resistance going on for many years. We were doing things in secret. While we seceded for political reasons, we also had a very strong spiritual belief that the Jewish people contained. Secret knowledge.

We were the chosen ones – then and now. We were chosen, not because we are so special, but because of the secret knowledge that was given to us by the Elders, sons of the priests from Heliopolis in Egypt, who where trained in the higher forces of consciousness. They were really masters in what they were doing. So we learned a lot from them. When we came out of Egypt, some of these priests gave us all of their knowledge, because they were in a time of suppression too. So this was brought to us, also by legend and by talk. A lot of information, spiritual information, came from Egypt, when there was suppression in that time, because the people didn’t want to have the knowledge about the inner consciousness, about the sun consciousness, as taught by Abraham, but also by Moses and Achnaton. These teachings were writings on paper, but also on stones, the tablets of sapphire and the tablets of Esmeralda…’


‘Yes, the emerald tablets. They were about creation; how you create in the three dimensional world, and how that three dimensional world reflects the divine world, the heavenly world. So our concept of an earthy Jeruzalem reflecting heavenly Jeruzalem was coming from their knowledge, basically.

So we put that into our city as seeds to develop. We built the city as a blueprint for further evolution. That blueprint is still unfolding, even while we are not there anymore. While our people where crushed – and we knew it was going to happen.

When Jesus showed us the example by dying, we knew our people would die at some point in time. We were prepared for that moment. But we did everything to avoid the annihilation of our people. Because we knew in that time that it was so important that we kept the faith, even if we were dying. That the faith of our people would be given to future generations – as it is given to you now, in this time. Because you are the fruit, when we were seeds, you are the fruit of that whole process of evolution, that is now coming to its fulfilment, you could say.

So we prepared for that and we could look through time, as you can look through time at your moment, we could do that too. We were in direct, you could say telepathic, contact with our teachers from former times, and they were being taught by teachers from even more ancient traditions – and then I’m talking about what you called Atlantis and Lemuria. They were civilisations. They were far beyond our time. And they brought a part of their knowledge through the lineage of the White Brotherhood in Egypt, resulting in the tradition and the lineage of the Essenes.

We were actually a small community, living for not such a long time. We did everything to be as pure as possible, so we could be in touch with the reality outside the time. And by being in touch with that other reality – just as you are practising right now – you’re communicating through time, so I can talk to you. This is exactly the same way as the Egyptian priests used to talk to us. So that was the way they taught us. We tried to be as clean and pure as possible so they could use us as their instruments. They knew what was going to happen to us. They brought us all this knowledge and asked us to write it down and to hide it in the caves, because they knew there was only a short moment in history that this was possible before that humankind would go into the next phace, where there would be much more deaths. The whole consciousness would decrease, as you could say. So there was no possibility for higher consciousness, so it had to be stored in some way. It had to be stored in a safe place. That safe place was in the desert, because there, in this dry area, there wouldn’t be to many changes. There wouldn’t be too much new culture coming in. So it could be stored in the ground in a dry atmosphere, which was in places like Massada, Qumran, but also in Petra and in the desert in Jordan. There were several places where information was stored, as well as in the Sinai.’

Is the information still there?

‘At some places it is still there. Like in Massada it is still in the ground. What we were told actually was that the information we got and what was written down, was also energetically stored. So both physically as well as energetically. So it could be unleashed at the right moment in time, both by finding it, as well as tuning into it.

So that’s where your historians and your mediums or channels can work together, because they both have a part of the puzzle. There are writings, there are still stones on which there is text, but there is also an energetic blueprint of all the information, that you can just download. The way you download information from – we would say – the Akashic Records. It’s just like your internet; there’s some place where the information is stored and by connecting to it, you can just get it from that place, download it to your own human system. Because the human body is, you could say, a vessel in which you can store information. So your whole system can have information in the dna and in the genes, that can be unleashed at some point.’

What kind of information are you talking about? Are you talking about pure spiritual information? Also information of technology? History?

‘All actually. All. Everything is possible. From the most spiritual information to the most technical information, it’s all there. It’s all available to you, because in the spiritual realm everything is there in its seed form, in its blueprint. Not materialised yet. But you can materialize it on earth. I think the most important thing at this moment in time is that your physical bodies will adapt to a new system. This is what the whole evolution is working towards; to this moment, where the physical body, where the human being, will come in his flowering process, you could say. It will develop mental capabilities, by connecting to the collective consciousness.

Individuals will have a much greater possibility of developing themselves. So it is comparable to the moments when the apes were standing up and then became human beings. This is actually the same sort of process: from human beings, from Adam and Eve, you will become the Christ. And the Christ is, you could say, the original blueprint for human kind in its fulfilled form. It has all possibilities available. So there are more things you can do as human being, than you have be thinking up till now.’

This change of the human body, is that something that will happen collectively at one particular moment in time, or does it depend on each and every person individually?

‘It depends on the person’s ability, but also the person’s willingness to develop. So there will be waves of people who are pioneers in this field – and especially children who were born at this moment have a lot of capabilities. And if they are not stopped from developing them, they will be really growing to their full potential.

Some people will just hold back and some people will even try to stop this whole development, because of course, just like in the time of the Romans, there is now a strong anti-movement. They want to suppress this spiritual knowledge, because if you are in power, you are not too happy with too much freedom for the people. So the more freedom there is, the more people can develop themselves. So some systems will do everything to control and to create discord, pain and violence, because by violence the body shrinks. It closes down. By love it will start to open up and flower and it develops itself.

So these two movements have always been there. We could call it the battle between good and evil, as we have been writing down in our script. We talked a lot about the final days, the Apocalyps. As we saw it happen in our time. It was the same that happens in your time. But this time we want to pass on our spiritual knowledge to you, so you can write about it, you can think about it, and so that you could understand the whole journey of evolution.’

What can I do to get that information? Do I need to tune in?

‘You’re doing just fine. Collect all the pieces of the puzzle. Store them and just look at your own journey, because that is the central piece of it, that’s the essence of your puzzle. It’s as if you look through a magnifying glass. You see all this changing… I mean this kind of rotating glass where you see different colours. You see all kinds of forms. But you are the one looking; so it’s from your eye that you will see the picture and it will change all the time. So it’s not only out there, although it is good for you to do a lot of historical en literary research. But the final step in this is your own story. It’s the way you deal with all this stuff. You are part of the story, that’s what you have to understand. It’s not only out there. It is about you. Because in searching all this stuff, all this information, you will start to remember who you are. In your full enlightenment to your soulbody. And the way to it…? It doesn’t matter really. It’s whatever you like to do. For you it’s very much about reading, about historical information, but look at this information from as many different sides as possible. By that you will slowly start a process of developing yourself.’

I’ve been troubled by the realisation that a lot of so called ‘sacred texts’ do not seem sacred to me at all, because they describe highly immoral acts, for example. My problem is that a lot of what has been described as good and healthy, actually seem to me quite the opposite. That is very confusing to me. For example: how do you as a Zelot feel about stoning people to death? Or committing genocide?

‘Well, first I must say: join the group, because we didn’t like it as well. We were also against so much violence. In these texts, I mean. But you have to understand these were not only words of wisdom, they were also historical stories. And these things just happened, even if we didn’t like it. Just as they happen in your times, right. And people say things, words, but they don’t always act accordingly. They mess up, as they did in our time. So, actually our sacred texts are a combination of inspired information and inspired disinformation, you could say. People have been meddling with the sacred texts. So you can find both very high and pure information, as well as a lot of lower… more like social rules actually to live by. These things have been intermeddled in time.

We, as part of the Essenes, were more for non violence. But we were also pressed, because of a lot of violence around us, by the Romans and also by the Pharisees and our own people.

We were living in a time of violence, a lot of conflict. It wasn’t always easy to stay sober and clean. We messed up as well. Unfortunately. Because these things brought us to the end. Finally.’

When I hear you speaking about ‘the chosen people’, did you mean the Jews exactly, or did you mean people who were initiated, or who were worthy of learning certain truth?

‘You could say that we were chosen as a people, especially because there were so many people in our group that were initiated. So it was a lively culture of spirituality, you could say, that people were interested in, to develop themselves. It has always been so in our tribe, that is was highly rewarded if you would develop yourself spiritually. So actually our whole people had been infected with spiritual knowledge – and that is still so up to this day. Although in the Second World War in your history, they tried to annihilate all the spiritual knowledge of the Jewish community. So we were on the edge of losing it completely. But because of a lot of forces from light some places have been kept. Some people have been crawling through time, to really save that information, before it was completely lost. Because in your time it is very important that all these pieces of the puzzle come together and that you will start speaking about the returning of the Christ consciousness. That is as we called it: the Christ consciousness as a way of higher being, a higher ‘being aware’.

So what we did was a lot of healing, but we were also fighting, because we were suppressed. There was another army in our country that tried to get us down, so we had to fight. It was a difficult time actually, to be spiritual and at the same time to defend yourself against the enemy.’

Can I ask you something about Jesus? Cause you knew about Jesus. Did he actually go to India or Tibet? There are two traditions: one says that Jesus went to England and maybe saw Stonehenge there and went in training with the Druid,s and the other tradition says that he went to Tibet.

‘I knew him as a boy, because he came many times to our village, and my sons have been going with him. Learning from him, from his way of teaching. But I must say there were many of teachers in our time that travelled a lot to many countries, especially to Egypt. There were a lot of places of initiation, but also in that area that you call now Iran or Persia, and also in Bagdad – sorry, I have to translate all these names, because they had different names in our times. In Bagdad there was also an important school of initiation for the Mother Goddess. And sometimes, very seldomly, people went all the way to India to get information from there, because we knew there were masters living there that could teach us a lot from their old tradition. Because they were in contact with their ancestors in a very pure form.’

What about the Druids, people in the lands of northern Europe, or across Europe?

‘We didn’t have so much contact with them. There was a lot of contact with southern Europe. There were a lot of schools around the Mediterranean that people were travelling to regularly. Everywhere. In Greece, in Spain, also in Italy. There were places, specific places, we would travel to. There was also a lot of trade, so travelling wasn’t to difficult actually in our time. But the northern part of Europe was a little more difficult, because many times there were fights between the northern countries and the southern countries. So travelling there was not very easy.

When we finally decided… This was already talked about during the Essene times – before Jesus came actually – that we would transfer our knowledge to several parts of the world around the Mediterranean. Because this is always the oath that you take: you receive information from the Elders and you give it on to the new places, where it can be stored and can be nourished, you could say. So we had already places in mind where we could send people, to bring the information that we had gathered. Which it was in the south of France, in Spain, but also the place you talk about: Avalon, the island of the priests and the druids. It was a place that we knew as an initiation school. We weren’t exactly in contact with them directly, but we knew of its existence. Not only through space, but also through inner space. We were all connected.’

One of the reasons I asked, is that it is said that the Essenes had special knowledge of the power of stones. That’s why I thought of Stonehenge. What can you tell about that?

‘We used stones mainly for healing purposes. We didn’t know so much about building or making great designs, as the Egyptians could, because that was beyond our grasp. It was in an older time and older civilisations that they used different techniques. But we developed a lot of healing skills, using different stones. And for instance we used several sorts of stones to write upon. I just told you about the emerald tables. These kinds of stones would click the information in a sort of sacred way. You could write on them and they had some sort of natural protection. It’s difficult to explain, but each sort of stone has its own consciousness.

So, we wouldn’t only write the words, we would imprint the information of the text into the stones. So the stones would keep the words, even when they would be broken, or erased. Because, maybe as you know, the writings we did, the letters we wrote, were imprints of energy. Like the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter is and imprint of divine energy.

So that’s how you put energy into matter. And that’s what we could do very well. We knew how to translate divine energy into the physical form. In writing and in bringing it into the stones.’

So in a way stones became a container of information.

‘Yes, that’s right.’

Can you say the same about the rock inside of the builder(?)rock. Is it also a container of information?

‘That will be the last part for the moment. The way we described it this afternoon as a maquette, as a blue print actually, is very close to reality. We knew that this rock contains a very strong earth energy. As if it has a connection to the heart crystal of the earth. So by meditating on this rock and by tuning into it, we could really cocreate with Mother Earth and with Father Spirit. Because these two were always present in creation. We created ourselves. We learned that both influences – the male and the female influence – had to be present to create on the earthly plane. So, we used the rock as a focus point in our society and in our area.

In our time this rock contained a lot of information, and it still does actually. It is a focus point of several lines coming from Egypt, going to Europe, going to the east in Asia and going to Arabia. And so lots of lines are coming together in this place. That’s why it is of such an importance: it connects many places.

You could almost say it is an interface, working between the visual world and the invisible world. They have been building several temples to contain that place, to give the holy place a kind of a cover. In our time it was the second temple of David and Solomon, who really understood the sacredness of our tradition and who wanted to preserve the Jewish knowledge – which is not only Jewish, it’s universal knowledge. But we were very proud of it.

We are proud people and we were very happy that we had all this information. Although sometimes we became a bit arrogant about it. We abused it in some way. That is because we were punished all the time. To really become more humble. Which is still the case.

If you are using the high knowledge, you need to be as humble as possible. That is very difficult for our people to understand. Because it’s so… let’s say it simply: it’s very difficult to be humble if there are so many idiots around you. That’s not a very spiritual concept, I know, but that’s the way many look at the world. So you really have to understand, to develop a lot of compassion and simpleness to really be of service.

Well, actually you know that the spiritual knowledge you carry is of such a high and sophisticated level, so that’s not easy. But we try – and than I also have to say that it’s not only the Jewish people, because many of the Jewish people have actually been incarnated in different countries, in different other peoples. Especially in Holland. So there’s a very strong connection between the Jewish tradition and the Dutch tradition, because the Dutch tradition was a very easy container for new development in this time.

So yes, the foundation rock is a container for spiritual knowledge and evolution. You could almost say: it contains the trigger, the blue print for the next phase of humankind, in which the heavenly Jeruzalem, the spiritual knowledge, the spiritual blue print of the divine body can be grounded and anchored into the physical realm and into the physical body.

Okay. This is enough for the moment, otherwise you would get overloaded. But you can come back anytime here to ask more information, because we were very willing to assist you in your research. We are very happy and honoured that you are doing this work. As you know, you are guided and blessed by the elders.’

I’m very grateful. Thank you very much.


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