29.23 ISRAEL, Masada, Talks with Zebedeus, part 2

Part 2 on the ark and the spiritual knowledge of the Jewish people. Koen Akkers asking questions to Zebedeus.

Koen: You told me about the rock, underneath the domus rock. You called it an interface. What part did the ark of the covenant play in all this? That is, if it did play a part in that. But the ark was put on the rock, as tradition says…

Zebedeus: ‘Of course we knew you would ask these questions and we love to come back to this.

Because in the ark we contained several of the most powerful stones we had, which contain a lot of very high information. And, as you understood, some of the stones in the ark were coming from very, very ancient times. From times of Atlantis. Those stones were kept by Egyptians for a long time, and three of them were coming to us. So we kept them in the ark and because of that very important information, they were very sacred to us. Putting the stones on the rock was kind of initiating the rock to work. It’s like bringing the software into the hardware of the planet.

So at that place they were very powerful. The story of this power, the power of the ark, was more a metaphysical story than a real… than of a physical nature. Although if you would really tune into the stones, you were not ready for it. If you were not initiated enough, it could ruin your whole mental psyche. Because it would give you all this information, and if you were not able to understand it, it would be very confusing.

So the people who through history tried to capture this sacred knowledge, but were of a lower energy, of a more violent energy, they would be completely disoriented by the energy of the light. They would get so confused that they would sometimes kill themselves. That’s why the story of the ark became kind of a mythological story and a magical story, saying that it could kill people. And in a way you could say, yes, it could kill people.’

But it wasn’t used, for example, in the defeat of the city of Jericho? When, according to the story, when grounds seven times(?) and then suddenly all the walls came down?

‘It’s quiet a different story there, which is part legend and partly true. We worked with sound and we could actually influence the collective consciousness of the people of the town. That’s what we basically did. We worked on them by just intimidating them by walking around. They would actually be confused about how we could just penetrate their mind. So we broke their defence on the seventh day and what really worked with us was power of nature. Because we were in contact with nature by living so many years in the desert, and by practising the laws of nature we could influence nature. Not really influence, but we could be in tune with it.

When our prophets at the time were looking at how to defeat it, we would tune into the nature, we would ask the forces of nature to be with us. So a little thunder and earthquake was really helping us very much. And the rest is history – and a story.

The things at that time were very simple, yet also very magical. But what people understood later on is only the story of the event, and so it more and more becomes a mythological story, as it goes with human beings. They tell story after story and at some point you have a very magical happening and God destroyed the walls. But it wasn’t that, really. It was more… we just came through. That’s the story that we learned from our ancestors, as it was told to us.

The stones, of course, were the most precious objects in our tradition and we did everything to protect them. Because they were our highest source of spiritual information, made physical. What we did was we tried to hide the stones, but that hasn’t worked out all too well and we have not a very good feeling about is, because it was our task to protect them. And we couldn’t. This is the sadness of the Jewish people, that we lost our spiritual heritage, which has still a lot of influence these days.

We are still very good in the material world, but we lost the spiritual knowledge. One of the stones was brought – as you have heard in the legend – to Ethiopia, to Africa. Because we thought it was a good place to hide, and we had a lot of contacts over there. There was a whole community there, also in the place you called Axum, and because of history there was a lot of contact and we could travel through the desert to that place – over sea, actually. So from the south of the desert we took boats and we could travel over to Africa, to Ethiopia.

One stone was brought over sea and land to the south of Europe. And from that stone, all the stories of the grail started to emerge. The grail stone coming into the European stories. First in the House of the King of France, later in the English lineage.’

How is this stone used by the French and English kings?

‘We will talk about that in a later time, because it is too much information to tell you all about it right now. The third stone was taken into the desert, where it was kept by the Bedouins, in the Arabic countries Jordan and Arabia, and they would preserve the knowledge of the Essenes and the knowledge of the Christ, and they were trying in the desert, in their isolation, to maintain the sacred knowledge. Actually out of these tribes, out of these desert tribes, later on the whole evolution of the Islam was created. Which was also an abuse of the original stones. They had the sacred knowledge, but, as it goes with human beings, they simplified it. And by simplification, the Islam brought in a lot of social rules and violence and oppression. Just as it happened in the Christian tradition.’

Did the stone end up in the Ka’ba, in Mekka?

‘Yes, that is the ending of the stone. Although the original stone isn’t there anymore. It is a replica in the Ka’ba. I’m searching where the original stone is. It’s still around there, but not visible to the eye. I see one stone somehow… a stone in America, which was used by the Vatican for a long time, till it was transferred over to America and used as a source of power and go very abused, actually. It’s being kept by secret societies.’

In the United States?

‘Yes, that tried to uncover the secrets of the stone. Although they don’t know yet how to really work with it. We are getting into difficult information here and it’s not always easy to release it, because some forces try to hide their sources. So you will know if you coming close, than it becomes a little bit more foggy. Difficult to really get the truth. But you could say that there are societies that have developed themselves mentally and spiritually in this certain way, but also they have been very touched by power. So the whole story of the Illuminati is actually something that has been transferred to the American society and they are trying to seize power at the moment, to oppress many people around you in the world by violence and by simple rules.

So again, just like the Roman people in our time, there is now some sort of new Roman people. New Orthodox people. Both in countries… Islamic countries, Christian countries, in Russian Orthodox countries, in China, there are people who try to limit the consciousness of human beings. And the grail stones are powerful objects in this process, that need to be brought back at some point to the stone of Jeruzalem. Because there they can be united and unified. They can’t be abused anymore. It’s only in the separateness that they can be abused. When they come together they work and bring out goodness, actually.’

How many are there in total that need to be called back to Jeruzalem?

‘In total there are twelve stones and the rock is the thirteenth. The foundation stone is the thirteenth, the rock itself. There were three stones being used in the time of Atlantis, four stones in the time of Lemuria. Okay, I can see three stones somewhere in South America, and two in the Himalayas, so more east. Higher up.’


‘Yeah, something like that. Each stone connects to one of the mental or spiritual powers of the human body. Everything is near it. So what’s there in the physical world, is there in the inner world, as it is there in the physical body. That’s the rule of the emerald tablet. That’s one of the most important ones actually, because that’s how you understand reality and creation.

So bring back the stones in the circle and if you can’t find the stones, be the stones. Be the stones of the foundation. Because it doesn’t matter if you have the real stones or if you have the information that was in them, to bring back the whole picture. Cause that’s just how it is: if you bring back all the separate energies, the blueprint of the Christ will emerge.’

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