30.03 INDIA, New Delhi, Embracing Shakti

‘Delhi is your point of anchor. Go deep into the earth. It is beyond the world of matter. This is your first step of the ladder towards enlightenment. You cannot go to the light if you cannot face the darkness. Go into this deepness, go into this darkness, this chaos, this destruction. This is the world of ego, the world of greed. Don’t be afraid of it, because fear will keep you bonded. The moment you can embrace it and go through it, it will disappear. It is just illusion. Embrace the illusion and thus you will embrace Shakti in all her forms, with her 1000 arms, with her 1000 weapons and tools in every hand.

Don’t be afraid of your own chaos and your own disturbing thoughts and emotions. They also have a value and are worth looking at. Cherish them, don’t try to understand them, just allow them to be there. Honour Shakti, honour the dirt, honour chaos, honour life in its full complexity and you will find oneness.’


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