30.02 INDIA, Jammu, Queen of the Nagas

‘I am Shushistri, the Queen of the Nagas. We kept the serpent wisdom for ages and eons before the time of mankind. We were living in the Golden Valley, which was protected by the mountains. You might call it Shangri-la or Shambhala, but it was truely a golden age of consciousness. We as the feminine principles, as the priestesses of the golden wisdom, we protected this valley, we created the mountains and the animals.

But then in the Great War we were dispelled and destroyed and our knowledge was gone and disappeared from the face of the earth. We only kept on living in legends and myths, as the Nagas, serpent goddesses, angry and viscious. But our anger was our power, because we were in service of mankind, not to destroy but to keep the memory alive of the golden times.

You are here to honour us and we welcome you in the Golden Egg. And while you go through the birth channel you will reach the womb where the seeds of the new born baby are waiting for ages to be awakened. And thus we will come back to assist you, to support you and to open the gate to enter into this deep feminine mystery. Trust your instincts and your power. We are there for you to assist you. Welcome.’


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