30.10 INDIA, Himalayas, The Birth of Shiva and Shakti

‘From the beginning of time, mankind is ruled by powerful forces of the gods and goddesses, archetypal energies that are at the blueprint of human civilisation. Now through time these powerful and clear energies got distorted or deluted, got superficial. They became religions, theories, methods. But they lost their original purity and essence of what was needed.

Your journey is to go back to the source, to get in contact again with these gods and goddesses in yourself, and to embody these energies.

Because humankind can only change when there are mortals who connect to the divine and use these energies, become the gods or the goddesses, become Shiva and Shakti, or the Tara and the Buddha. So there is a new embodiment, manifestation of the Madhi, a manifestation of the Buddha Maitreya, a manifestation of Shiva and Shakti. It is only through the human incarnation of these energies that things can tune into the pureness of what is meant to be. So by becoming the power of the gods and goddesses, you manifest into the world what you want to be seen, as a result. You can’t do anything unless you are something, you are that what you want.

So this journey, and for all who will come with you, is about you acknowledging your divine essence, your divine origin and your divine manifestation. Through this process you have to let go of all the smallness, the ego, those things that helped you get you here, but are no longer necessary. It’s the vehicle that brought you to the place of wholeness, to the place of sacredness.

Gather a small group of people around you that are supportive to this process and that recognize it in themselves.’

(Ton: I can see the dates from the 4th of February until the 4th of March, or something…)

‘… as a sort of month in preparation for Shivaratri. Gathering momentum. Gathering forces. It will be a journey that will stir things in yourself and in the world. And it will culminate on the Shivaratri with the embodiment of Shiva and Shakti.

Become who you are meant to be. Don’t hesitate any longer. Don’t shy away from your own power, take it with full force and full joy. So you can create what you are supposed to bring into this world.’

Where do we have to celebrate Shivaratri?

‘I hear small. Small. I hear Ladakh, on the rooftop of the world. Connected to the giants of nature, that’s where this pure energy is most tangible and most accessible. I hear Leh.

The Tara energy is connected to the Dalai Lama. This is a huge energy of compassion, and love, and connection. In Dharamsala. He will initiate you into the energy of Tara. And from that on you can access the Shiva energy in Ladakh. I hear Amritsar. You will access the energy of Krishna. The Golden Temple.

Rishikesh – is not needed, but it is more the energy of the new age, of all the many forms, all the colourful forms. And Varanasi is the death of ego. The letting go of everything that is no longer needed. Here you can do a ritual to let go of the old personality and step into the greater divine manifestation of the self.

Chennai in the south: Arunachala is the male energy and Auroville is the feminine energy. To bring the young people to that place will help them to access those energies in themselves. To open up to their divine manifestation, but it is in a more gentle space, a more gentle environment for them to play and be nurtured.’

And what about swami?

‘He will join you. He will be there. He will know what you are about to do, because he is part of the initiators. He knows already about this journey and he is fully aware that you are going to have this initiation. So you will see him soon.

It’s all being divinely guided by the Masters of Shambhala, the Masters of the Himalaya, who guide the process of human evolution on earth. So don’t worry, everything is already arranged, you just have to melt into it. This is how it works, surrender to the greater force inside and outside of you. We welcome you to the sacred temple of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. In order to recreate the world.’


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