30.XX INDIA, Himalayas, The Message of Wesak

Tuning into the Full Moon in Taurus, on the 18th of May, Wesak.

‘From the highest to the lowest, from the Himalayas to Gaza, from Keter to Malchut: it is all connecting the dots on the Tree of Life, the Kabbalah, to receive the Shekinah, the feminine, the goddess. Because in this time the Messiah, the Buddha, will return in its feminine form.

It is when Shakti enters Shiva – which means that the feminine enters the masculine – that a new state of consciousness will come to planet Earth. When you talk about the Buddha Maitreya, which is celebrated at the Wesak Festival on the full moon in Taurus, it is this uniting of feminine and masculine, in which the feminine is the soul entering the masculine, the body, and thus creating a new consciousness.

So when you listen to this message, or read these words, open up to the unknown, open up to the feminine soul, open up to the Shekinah, open up to Shakti or to divine inspiration. By opening up you receive exactly that knowledge or wisdom that is your piece of the puzzle, that enlightens your path, that shows you the door to your destination, so you will know what to do.

Everyone is important in this big jigsaw puzzle and everyone has a unique quality and talent to bring to the greater whole. So don’t be shy, don’t hide your light under the bushel but shine forth your soul quality. It is thus that a new world begins, by all of you stepping into the light on the world stage, singing your own song, creating a new future. Namaste.’


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